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D Hoya Dethrones Juice at Powerplay 3
Apr 14, 2006 at 10:43 PM

After months of reigning as champion at the top of NZWPW, Juice’s title run was abruptly ended this past Friday night at Powerplay 3 at the hands of longtime nemesis D Hoya.

Juice seemed unphased by the sheer hatred the crowd had for him as he blindsided D Hoya before the bell and began pounding away in the corner. Shortly before being sent outside by the challenger. Juice then decided he had had enough and went to leave the town hall only to be cut off by N.O.S and H – Flame. After being forced back into the ring D Hoya showed his power as he manhandled juice with a series of wristlocks culminating in an impressive cartwheel splash for a 2 count.

Realizing it would take more than that to dethrone Juice; D Hoya lifted the champion high in the air in a massive delayed vertical suplex that again got a 2 count. Juice wasn’t done yet however as he fought back with a side Russian leg sweep and two quick leg drops. This wasn’t enough to keep D Hoya down however and so Juice followed up with a series of right hands before crushing D Hoya with a stinger splash in the corner. Juice then resorted to straight out choking his challenger and using his old running buddy The Ram to help keep the advantage behind Phil Woodgate's back.

D Hoya refused to be denied and kept trying to fight back but could not gain an advantage. Juice kept the beating rolling with a huge top rope dropkick for 2 yet again. Now D Hoya decided he had had enough and came back with a huge clothesline and a modified powerbomb before ascending the turnbuckles. Juice proved his ring knowledge however as he threw veteran referee Phil Woodgate into the ropes knocking D Hoya down.

With D Hoya trapped on the top rope Juice followed him up and came off the top with his new move, the bum jam (Backpack Stunner). The champion then locked in a brutal chinlock, slowly trying to destroy D Hoya’s title opportunity. D Hoya tried to mount some offense but was promptly tripped by The Ram from the outside. The sticky one followed this up with an inverted atomic drop and a running neckbreaker, before nailing a huge elbow drop yet could only manage a 2 count. Frustrated Juice locked in a sleeper, trying to choke D Hoya out.

The challenger came back however and nailed Juice with the liquidizer (Spinning shin kick). A fired up D Hoya looked to put Juice away with the end of the world but The Ram made his presence felt again by distracting the referee allowing Juice to nail the simply squeezed (Roll the Dice). As Phil turned back to see the pin being made but could only gain a 2 count.

The decision enraged the champion as he brought the title belt into the ring with evil intentions but Phil was to have none of that throwing the belt outside the ring. Yet when his back was turned Juice pulled a steel chair out and began laying the challenger out with a series of brutal chair shots. Calling for Phil to turn around he went for the pin looking to seal the win. D Hoya refused to be denied and nailed the surprised champion with the end of the world (Swinging Rock Bottom) for the 3 count and ushering in a new era of NZWPW.

Powerplay 3 also saw the reunion of one of the most dominant stables in New Zealand wrestling, the Naki Phullas. This incarnation of the powerful stable consists of Max Damage and “Silencer” Jean Miracle and is now known as the T Phullas, who took on the dream team of N.O.S and H – Flame.  The Phullas worked well together, dominating N.O.S and cutting him off from his friendly corner. N.O.S was not too be denied however and took the mammoth Damage down with a flying head scissors before lunging and getting the tag to a relentless H – Flame.

H – Flame was not in a mood to play as he dominated both T Phullas and cleared the ring of them. With 4 of NZWPW’s top stars in the ring it did not take long before all 4 men were in the ring. As Phil Woodgate got knocked out thanks to a misguided 04 (619) by N.O.S. The T Phullas were able to fend off a heart attack type maneuver to lay H – Flame out with a sidewalk slam, leg drop combination for the 1, 2, and 3.

Also on Powerplay 3 TNT made her return to NZWPW as she showed she hasn’t missed a beat making short work of the Angel of Destruction.

Match Results

  • Shining Nick Silver vs. Dangerous Dan “The Man” Sterling – No Contest
    In a meeting of two of NZWPW’s longest rivals Shining Nick looked to wear down the powerful legs of Sterling using a variety of submission holds. It was both men’s obvious knowledge of each other that lead to both men in a constant battle until Phil Woodgate made the call that the match had expired and would be ruled a time limit draw.

  • Chrome .def Anarchy
    In his debut match for NZWPW Anarchy looked strong against the long serving Chrome. Despite showing some impressive high flying maneuvers Anarchy was brought down in short order by a massive spine buster from Chrome for the victory.

  • Adam Avalanche .def C.D & Jimmy Sparx (Handicap match)
    Avalanche continued his impressive run as he took on 2 of the newest NZWPW stars at the same time. Despite the reluctance from both men to get in the ring the two youngsters held their own albeit briefly against the man monster. Despite every double team move under the sun Avalanche was able to throw Sparx to the outside and crush C.D with a splash to continue his roll toward the title picture.

  • The Ram .def Inferno (No. 1 Contenders match)
    In one of the most anticipated matches of the night The Ram was able to take advantage of the relaxed rules offered in a no disqualification environment to choke Inferno with his belt after a back and forth struggle that saw both men hold the advantage numerous times. In the end it was a modified camel clutch using his own belt to choke Inferno out and claim ownership of the number one contendership.

  • TNT .def Angel of Destruction
    Her return to NZWPW proved to be a glorious one for TNT as she made short work of the powerful vixen known as Angel of Destruction despite some early offence TNT was able to lock her in a Mexican surfboard in the middle of the ring.

  • NZWPW Heavyweight Title Match
    D Hoya .def Juice

    Two longtime enemies faced off against each other for the first time in a long time in a match of the night contender. Juice looked set to retain the title in the early stages of the bout as he dominated his contender for the majority of the match. D Hoya would not be denied however as he refused to stay down despite being beaten with multiple chair shots and suffering a Simply Squeezed (Roll the Dice).  Eventually D Hoya was able to hoist the champion up and nail him with the End of the World (Swinging Rock Bottom) to take the win and the title.

  • T Phullas (Silencer Jean Miracle/Max Damage) .def H – Flame & N.O.S
    The Naki Phullas rode once again at Powerplay 3 as SJM and Max Damage revived the once dominant stable to take on the dream team of N.O.S and H – Flame. Despite the N.O.S/H – Flame heart attack maneuver the T Phullas were able to fend both men off and take the win with a vicious sidewalk slam/legdrop combination.

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- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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