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Adam Avalanche Steps Up At Pacific Storm
Jul 22, 2006 at 06:07 PM

Adam Avalanche was finally able to overcome months of frustrating losses at the hands of popular NZWPW champion D Hoya as he was able to pin the fan favorite in the middle of the ring following an earth shattering Wave of the Avalanche (scrapbuster slam). Pacific Storm also saw the debut of Toa who not only signed an official NZWPW contract but found himself in action as he fended off an attack from Silencer Jean Miracle and Shining Nick Silver with 2 huge choke slams.

Angel of Destruction was able to finally overcome longtime rival TNT on the show. As well as this Anarchy was able to get a win over Chrome in Chrome’s own environment, no disqualifications match. Basher Barrett Junior found himself in the fight of his life against Ivan Druganov after his scheduled opponent, Cannonball no showed the event.

Full NZWPW Pacific Storm Results;

  • Disturbed def. Dreamcatcher

In a rematch from NZWPW Hit the Road the newly returned Disturbed one seemed bemused at times by Dream catcher’s unorthodox offence but in the end was able to put him away with a submission move.

  • CD def. Jimmy Sparxx

In yet another match between these two young guns, both men took each other to the limit with Sparx dominating for the majority of the match. CD was able to rally however and eventually cut Mr. Right in half with a dehabilitating spear.

  • Angel of Destruction def. TNT

It was a case of move for move when these two longtime rivals squared off once again. In a match that was originally scheduled for Hit the Road both ladies displayed their knowledge of each other. In the end though it was AOD who came out superior.

  • Anarchy def. Chrome (No Disqualification match)

The high flying Australian finally got a win under his belt at Pacific Storm after beating Chrome senseless with a steel chair despite Chrome blasting the cocky newcomer with a spine buster that shook the floor.

  • “Basher” Barrett Junior def. Ivan Druganov

After his scheduled opponent, Cannonball didn’t show up, Barrett started abusing fans at ringside until Ivan Druganov challenged him to a match to shut the arrogant star up. After a back and forth battle however it would be Ivan who was lying on his back after being choked out by Barrett for the win.

  • Dan “The Man” Sterling/Rehua def. Silencer Jean Miracle/Shining Nick Silver

Despite NZWPW mainstays Shining Nick Silver and Silencer Jean Miracle using every behind the back tactic they would manage it would prove futile as Dan and his monstrous partner Rehua took the win. After the match SJM and SNS did not know when to stop and found themselves on the receiving end of 2 huge choke slams at the hands of Toa.

  • NZWPW Heavyweight Title Match
    Adam Avalanche def. D Hoya
    In another rematch from Hit the Road Avalanche finally made the step up and took D Hoya down after wriggling out of a K Kwon Bomb and catching Hoya in his patented Wave of the Avalanche for the 3 count and the title.
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