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D-Hoya defeats Avalanche, yet Adam retains
Written by David Dunn   
Apr 29, 2007 at 01:33 AM
A rabid Kuku crowd cheered D-Hoya on to victory against Adam Avalanche this afternoon, but once again, the NZWPW Champion proved to be too smart for the system when he managed to retain the championship despite losing the match - much to the fans’ dismay.

Adam Avalanche looked unhappy to be in Kuku, and took out his bad mood on senior official Roneel, physically shoving him off his feet when Adam’s boots were being inspected for foreign objects. Roneel bounced back to his feet and hastily rung the bell, leaving D-Hoya and Adam Avalanche to lock up in mid-ring. D-Hoya got the better of the NZWPW Champion and synched in a hammerlock, so Adam quickly jabbed Hoya in the eyes, and bailed to the outside of the ring. A quick wander around the ring to berate the local fans, and Avalanche was ready to return to the match in the ring. However, D-Hoya soon took the match to him with a double-axehandle smash off the ring apron, before rolling the big man into the squared-circle. Adam soon regained a vertical base, and D-Hoya bounced from the ropes in an attempt to deliver a shoulderblock. The move connected, but didn’t take Adam down. A second shoulderblock would not be so successful though, as the NZWPW Champion caught D-Hoya with a hard clothesline, before hauling him over to the ring ropes to choke him out illegally.

Roneel broke the chokehold, and D-Hoya leapt into the air in an attempt to ground Avalanche again with a crossbody press. Adam saw the move coming though, and plucked D-Hoya from the sky before delivering him to the mat with a World’s Strongest Slam variation. A less than impressive cover allowed D-Hoya to easily kick out, and the same treatment after a sidewalk slam kept the crowd favourite in the match.

Adam Avalanche took to wearing out D-Hoya with a submission hold on the mat, but D-Hoya was able to break it and try another shoulderblock. Avalanche grew tired of Hoya’s comebacks, and clotheslined him to the ground before blatantly standing on his throat in an illegal yet effective way of crushing the life from his opponent. A big knee drop double D-Hoya up in pain, and then Avalanche cinched in a well applied chinlock. D-Hoya began to fade, but the Kuku fans willed him on, and both men were driven back to their feet.

D-Hoya shrugged off Adam Avalanche’s grasp, and charged towards him from the ropes to hit him with a shoulderblock. The move didn’t ground Adam, and nor did a clothesline. Hoya shot back to the ropes again, and ran towards Avalanche, only to get caught in a Wave of the Avalanche - Adam’s patented finishing move!

This time, the NZWPW Champion made a more serious cover, and seemingly had D-Hoya defeated, only to break his cover at a mere two. In true cocky Avalanche fashion, he proclaimed “it’s not over until I say it’s over!” and humiliated D-Hoya by choking him out on the ropes.

The referee broke the choke yet again, and while Adam argued with him, D-Hoya leapt up and caught Adam Avalanche in a modified fameasser, which he followed up with a Dancing Legdrop. Not even the synchronised clapping of the entire crowd could keep Adam down from the move, and he kicked out after a count of two, before D-Hoya powered him into the turnbuckle. D-Hoya charged after his opponent to deliver a hard elbow, and then whipped him to the over corner.

Avalanche countered the Irish whip midway across the ring, and D-Hoya found himself sandwiched between an Avalanche and a hard place when Adam Stinger splashed him in the corner. A second attempt at the move was less successful, and D-Hoya dodged, before spinning around and kicking Adam in the face with a Liquidiser! D-Hoya called for the K-Kwon Bomb, and positioned Adam on the top turnbuckle to deliver it. However, Avalanche’s sheer size made it easy for him to slip out of D-Hoya’s grasp, and suddenly low blow senior official Roneel without warning.

With the referee down, and no one to maintain order, the match surprisingly continued as normal when D-Hoya chopblocked Adam’s knee to take him off his feet. With the knee weakened, and Avalanche laying on the mat, D-Hoya decided to look for a submission, and lock in a Boston crab. The NZWPW Champion struggled towards the ropes, but was too far away to grab hold of them. Roneel began to stir, and Adam Avalanche finally caved to the pain - tapping out in the centre of the ring. Roneel called for the bell, and the match appeared to be over, only it was soon revealed that D-Hoya would win... via disqualification, thus allowing Adam Avalanche to retain his Championship yet again.

NZWPW Kuku Bash Results:

Belthazar def. Psyko-Emo
The Kuku Bash opening contest saw the evil Belthazar make short work of high-flying Psyko-Emo. After a brief exchange of armlocks and headlocks, which saw Belthazar instigate and Psyko-Emo roll through the holds, Belthazar was swept to his feet, and Psyko-Emo delivered the Psyko-Senton from the top rope. Belthazar rolled his shoulder from the mat at a two count though, and grabbed Psyko-Emo, before re-introducing him hard to the mat with a Satanic Cross for the win.

Andrew Pathania def. GBH

GBH towered above Pathania, so Andrew attempt to take away his size advantage with a full nelson. GBH’s size meant Pathania couldn’t lock his fingers together though, and the hold was broken before it was even officially on. Andrew gained a slight advantage when he kicked out GBH’s knees whilst his massive opponent was attempting to intimidate the NZWPW rookie with his size. Pathania scaled the top rope, and leapt off with a Frog Splash, but GBH kicked out at two. The mass of GBH meant he was slow to begin getting back to a vertical base though, so Andrew leapt to the top rope and delivered a second Frog Splash, with GBH kicking out at three this time, giving Pathania a narrow victory.

High Octane def. DreamCatcher & O’Siris
In a miniature tournament for #1 Contendership to the New Zealand Tag Team Championships of sorts, High Octane met the bizarre pairing of O’Siris, and former fan favourite, DreamCatcher. The match saw DreamCatcher make more than enough noise for his silent partner, O’Siris, and the blue-clad villains used dastardly tactics such as strangling CD with O’Siris’ chain. O’Sisir attempted to use his chain again later in the match, and he swung it around his head. Referee Roneel dropped to his knees to avoid being hit, and JC Star sprung off his back to deliver a calf kick! With that, CD entered the ring, and scooped up O’Siris, before dropping him down into an AOK from JC Star. Star made the cover and High Octane advanced in their quest to become New Zealand Tag Team Champions.

Lady T def. Angel of Destruction

Kuku’s own - Lady T - was given a thunderous reception, and soaked up the adoration of her friends and family before the match began. Angel of Destruction locked up with Lady T, and the two were evenly matched in head and armlocks. AOD began to get in control of Lady T, who resorted to pulling the Angel’s hair, and the two ladies dropped to the ground in a sort of uncontrollable catfight! They rolled towards the corner of the ring, and AOD set Lady T up in the turnbuckles. Lady T quickly hurricanrana’d out of the dangerous predicament though, and then monkey flipped her opponent. Suddenly, Misty appeared at ringside, and began to yell at Angel of Destruction. AOD attempted to find out what her former partner’s problem was, but was slapped for her troubles. As she staggered backwards, Lady T rolled her up quickly and scored a slightly tainted win, but a win nevertheless, over AOD.

Ruf-Storm def. Cam-Akaze & Nick G-Nore
In another match leading to the decision of #1 Tag Team Championship Contenders, Ruf-Storm defeated the rookie team of Cam-Akaze and Nick G-Nore when their quick tags and good support of each other proved to be too much to handle. That said, Ruf-Storm weren’t above playing dirty, and took back control of an otherwise even match from Cam and Nick when they knocked down the referee and blasted their opponents with bags of rubbish! Cam-Akaze spilled to the outside of the ring, and Ruf-Guts drove G-Nore into the turnbuckle, before Oklahom slamming him in the middle of the ring. From there, Sandstorm latched on a Dragon Sleeper, and Rufguts delivered a Big Splash to the stretched out Nick G-Nore, allowing Ruf-Storm to win the match and go on to face High Octane at the next show. After the bell, Ruf-Storm tossed their rubbish at High Octane who were on commentary, and tension built for their #1 Contendership match.

Axl & Misty def. Company Jade (Tank & Matariki)

Company Jade had the Kuku crowd firmly behind them at the start of the match, but Axl’s ability to match strength with Tank soon split the crowd 50/50. Axl began to dominate Tank in the ring, but when Tank half countered a Lucifer’s Gift Chokeslam to a facebuster, both men were knocked silly. Matariki and Misty were tagged into the contest, and Misty overpowered Matariki, before grounding her and applying a Boston crab. Matariki managed to escape, and desperately tagged in Tank, which meant Axl would also be the legal man. All four competitors stayed in the ring, and Axl & Misty simultaneously powerslammed their same-gender opponents, before attempting pins. Company Jade kicked out, and connected with short arm clotheslines for simultaneous pins on Misty & Axl. The dark duo kicked out and powerslammed Company Jade again, before Emo Army founders DreamCatcher and Angel of Destruction ran to the ring. DreamCatcher blasted the referee with a skateboard, and AOD took to Misty with a chair, before decimating Matariki too. DreamCatcher swung his skateboard into Axl, then Tank, but somehow Axl managed to trip the wounded Tank and cover him for a three count, whilst AOD and DreamCatcher left the ring.

Jimmy Sparx def. Infinity via disqualification
Jimmy Sparx took on Infinity in a spectacular match-up, which saw Infinity use his Infinitizer Axe Kick, and attempt an Infinislam in the closing moments of the contest. Sparx countered the Infinislam, and looked to give his opponent some High Voltage, until Infinity slipped out of Sparx’s grasp. Tired of struggling to dominate a fairly even contest, Jimmy Sparx went for his trademark chair, but instead of nailing Infinity, took a page from the late Eddie Guerrero’s book, and fell to the ground himself, giving the illusion of being hit by Infinity. Infinity attempted to plead his innocence to the referee, but Sparx rolled his face off the canvas to reveal it was covered it thick red blood. Upon seeing the brutalised Sparx, the referee awarded him a disqualification victory. Satisfied with himself, Sparx took his chair to the back, only pausing in the entrance way to reveal a tube of red paint he had deceived the audience with!

NZWPW Championship
D-Hoya def. Adam Avalanche (c) via disqualification

In an epic Championship match that saw the best from both men, D-Hoya utilised the Liquidiser, Dancing Legdrop, Fameasser and almost a K-Kwon Bomb to keep Adam down for the three count. However, none of this could finish the job, and Avalanche decided to end the match prematurely rather than risk losing his Championship to his more-than-able foe when he kicked Senior Official Roneel in the groin, and prompted Roneel to disqualify him, despite Adam tapping out to a half Boston crab at the same time.

New Zealand Tag Team Championships
Company Gold (Dan Stirling & Rehua) def. The Superlatives (c)

On Rehua’s home turf of the Tukorehe Marae, the Superlatives’ Tag Team Championship reign was brought to an end after a mere two weeks, leaving Company Gold to bask in the ring with their new gold. The match was fairly even in the ring, with the crowd totally and utterly behind Rehua and Dan, until “Silencer” Jean Miracle was thrown into the ropes with such force that he stretched back and collided with the support post for the NZWPW tent covering the ring to shelter it from the weather. Miracle was subjected to a double gutbuster, and Company Gold began to dominate the match. The Superlatives pulled back into control later in the match, when Nick Silver hit a Shining Wizard in the corner, and then RKO’d Dan “Dan Man” Stirling. A Screwdriver put Dan out, but with SJM being the illegal man, no pin could be made. “Shining” Nick hit a Silver Bullet on Dan, and took time out to berate the crowd - a decision that would cost him dearly. When he eventually attempted a cover, Stirling locked on an Ankle Lock, which SNS fought to break. With Nick having now wasted his energy, “Silencer” entered the ring to save him. Company Gold threw SJM to the outside of the ring though, and Rehua connected with a big swing on Silver. Dan Stirling dove from the top rope with an elbow drop to the throat, and a quick three count later, Company Gold left Kuku... with the gold.
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