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Jimmy Sparx's reign begins at Christmas Carnage
Written by David Dunn   
Dec 08, 2007 at 01:34 AM
D-Hoya attempted to survive the Four Corners Tag Match he was placed into earlier tonight at Christmas Carnage, but Jimmy Sparx picked him off with a Circuit Breaker after Hoya took out both Rufguts and Axl, leaving no one to stop Sparx from covering the now ex-champion and taking the belt  from D-Hoya to become the promotion’s seventh NZWPW Heavyweight Champion.

From the get-go, it was evident it would be an uphill battle for D-Hoya, who had to contend with all three men attacking him, before Axl and Sparx collided with each other, and D-Hoya was left to go it alone against the rubbish-collector-turned-wrestler. Rufguts countered a hurricanrana attempt into a Boston crab variation, putting immense pressure on D-Hoya’s back, before Hoya fought out and almost wrenched Rufguts’ arm from the socket with a unique takedown.

Rufguts took control of the match soon after with a DDT that led to a two count. D-Hoya got back up and walked into a 140kg powerslam that sent him rolling to the ring apron. D-Hoya stood up, but Rufguts had followed him - and perched precariously above the hard, wooden floor, Rufguts dropped D-Hoya with a DDT onto the ring apron!

Eager to capitalise, Jimmy Sparx blind tagged himself into D-Hoya’s place, but fell victim to a sidewalk slam from a not-so-exhausted Rufguts. A big suplex the slammed Sparx into the canvas before Rufguts took a breather, tagging in Axl. Axl proved to be deceptively agile when he took Rufguts over in a head-scissors, before crushing his head in-between the bottom turnbuckle and Axl’s steel-capped boot, leaving "The Omen" to assault Sparx.

D-Hoya rejoined the match soon after, and threw just about every move he had at Axl, including the liquidiser, an atomic drop, the eclipse and a break-dance legdrop too. With no pinning attempt following any of the offence, Axl got back to his feet and turned D-Hoya inside-out with a massive boot to the top of the skull. A leg-drop across Hoya’s throat followed and gave Axl a two count, before he moved his attention further south, and delivered a leg-drop to the groin.

D-Hoya fought back, forcing Axl to eat the mat with a half-nelson powerslam; however, Rufguts broke the subsequent pinning attempt. Jimmy Sparx blind tagged in yet again, this time to Axl, and leapt over the ropes to catch D-Hoya off guard with a sunset flip. Sparx followed up with a spinebuster when Rufguts disrupted his pin, and gave D-Hoya a sit-out powerbomb as well.

Rufguts then stormed into the ring and backdropped Jimmy Sparx over the top rope to the ground below, before things really heated up.

Axl and Rufguts began to argue amongst themselves as to who should be beating up D-Hoya, with neither of them the legal man. Both backed Hoya into the corner, but then got into a shoving contest. While this was going on, D-Hoya climbed to the top rope and propelled himself backwards into a low moonsault, crashing into both Rufguts and Axl!

Axl spilled to the outside of the ring as Jimmy Sparx got back to his feet, and D-Hoya climbed the ropes to batter Rufguts with closed-fist punches. As Rufgust slumped down, unsure of his surroundings, Sparx leapt into the ring, grabbed hold of D-Hoya and flipped him into the Circuit Breaker! Jimmy dove onto Hoya, Rufguts tried to break the pin, and D-Hoya kicked out all in a wild melee. However, despite the close call, the NZWPW referee declared that a cover had indeed taken place, and that Jimmy Sparx was the new NZWPW Heavyweight Champion!

Sparx marked the start of his reign with the use of a modified stepladder he had brought to the ring with him to knock Rufguts unconscious, leaving his three opponents down for him to pose with the NZWPW Championship in the middle of the ring before heading backstage to celebrate his historic victory.

Christmas Carnage Results:

  • Zodiak def. Little Joker
    Not officially part of the Christmas Carnage line-up, Zodiak got revenge for his loss to Little Joker at Colossus, putting him down with a Spinebuster after LJ wasted too much time following his TX1 Overdrive.

  • “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate w/ Little Joker def. Sandstorm
    Phil Woodgate proved that alcohol can be deadly when he had LJ pass him a bottle of vodka. “Dream Catcher” took a swig, before spraying it into Sandstorm’s eyes, blinding him long enough for the unprettier to well and truly put him out for the count.

  • Matariki def. MacBeth
    MacBeth managed to get in more offence than was expected of her up against one of NZWPW’s veteran female competitors, but Matariki hit a splash from the middle rope that lead to a victory for MacBeth’s experienced opponent.

  • No Disqualification Match
    O’Siris def. Zach Zero
    O'Siris' valet verified their state of mind whilst accompanying him to the ring, throwing mutilated action figures into the crowd. Ironically, the match would almost come to an end when Zach Zero locked O’Siris into the cattle mutilation. However, when the valet passed O’Siris his trademark chain, Zero’s skull came off worse-for-wear and NZWPW’s bizarre one racked up another tainted victory.

  • 2-on-3 Handicap Match
    Company Gold w/ Matariki def. Belthazar & BBH
    A pre-match attack by Infinity left Tank unable to compete, but Company Gold overcame the odds when Belthazar’s communication with the Brothers of Bodily Harm broke down, leading to a brief physical scuffle before Dan “Da Man” elbow dropped Carnage for the win.

  • “Double D” Davey Deluxeo w/ “The New Zealand Dream” LJ Lightning & Paul Starr def. Cam Owens
    Formerly known as Cam Akaze, Owens attempted to go toe-to-toe with Deluxeo; a feat too great for his level of experience. A big powerslam rocked “Double D”, but after suffering numerous sentons throughout the course of the match to weaken his core, Cam Owens fell victim to the Gothkiller from Deluxeo to decisively win the first inter-promotional contest of the night.

  • JC Star def. “The New Zealand Dream” LJ Lightning w/ “Double D” Davey Deluxeo
    With Wellington fans chanting “You Suck!”, Luke Joshua took a step back from the match, sitting on the ring apron in protest and refusing to continue. Unfortunately for him, JC Star took advantage and blasted away at the IPW star with hard kicks, before a picture-perfect moonsault tied the score at 1-1 in the IPW/NZWPW rivalry.

  • “Handsome” Danny Jacobs w/ Paul Starr def. “Silencer” Jean Miracle
    In a battle of two men who were once like brothers, Danny Jacobs took the win from “Silencer” when Davey Deluxeo took out the referee right after Miracle had hit Jacobs with the Screwdriver. Deluxeo spiked SJM’s head into the canvas with a modified snapmare, but IPW’s Vinny Dunn and Roger Ventura rushed from commentary to stop the assault. “The One” helped Miracle to his feet, only to floor him with the One and Only, before Ventura gave “Silencer” a frogsplash and the referee revived to count Jacobs’ cover.

  • Infinite Avalanche def. “The One” Vinny Dunn & “Lyte Playa” Roger Ventura
    With Dunn and Ventura having assaulted an NZWPW competitor for no justified reason, Infinite Avalanche took to the ring to begin their tag team bout early. Despite “The One’s” IPW South Pacific Championship and “Lyte Playa’s” experience edge, ego would stop the Aucklanders from taking away the victory. Vinny Dunn blasted Adam Avalanche with his Straight from the Coast running cross tackle, but when “The One” looked to hit the move a second consecutive time, Avalanche countered into the Wave of the Avalanche, and evened the IPW/NZWPW score at two all.

  • NZWPW Heavyweight Championship
    Four Corners Tag Match
    Jimmy Sparx def. D-Hoya (c), Axl and Rufguts
    With the odds against him, D-Hoya came very close to retaining his title, taking out Axl and Rufguts with a moonsault from the top rope when all four men found themselves in the ring. However, as D-Hoya went after Rufguts in the corner - ignoring the legal man, Jimmy Sparx - Sparx grabbed the NZWPW Champion and drilled him with a Circuit Breaker. D-Hoya thrust his shoulder from the canvas, but it was too late, and the NZWPW official ruled that the title had changed hands, with Jimmy Sparx becoming the seventh Heavyweight Champion in NZWPW History.
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