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TNT victorious at AWF's inaugural Auckland show!
Feb 23, 2008 at 11:27 PM
080224_awf2It was an all out battle for the AWF championship at AWF’s inaugural Auckland show between the champion TNT and the challenger from Japan Taku Iwasa.  TNT was finally able to put an end to the feisty attack from Taku when he clocked him with the belt to take the victory!

The pair tied up in the early goings of the main event of AWF’s Australasian Pro-Wrestling Summit, each man looking for the early advantage.  TNT eventually managed to hit a swinging neckbreaker that sent the challenger scurrying from the ring to re-gather his senses. But TNT got frustrated with the time Taku was taking to get into the ring, and decided that if he wasn’t going to re-enter the ring, that he would take the match to him.  But the fleet-footed Taku slid into the ring as TNT slid out, nimbly evading the champ.

The match then swung the way of Taku who caught TNT as he tried to re-enter the ring, and the challenger set to work on the arm of TNT.  He wrenched his arm on the ropes 080224_awf1Taku took it to the corner, tying TNT in the Tree of Woe and then proceeded to abuse the groin of the champ.  A hard backbreaker put TNT down for the two, before Taku cinched in a submission hold, sapping the energy of the champ.

TNT made his way to the ropes, and as he climbed to his feet he caught Taku with his boot and took back control of the match.  Hitting a running high knee off the ropes gave the champ a very close two count.  He then headed up top and hit a massive corkscrew for another two.  

But when he headed up top for a second time to put an end to Taku’s challenge once and for all he missed with the moonsault, and Taku put him in a brutal arm submission.

A foot to the ropes broke the hold and as the pair regained their feet they traded several hard forearms.  When neither budged, they then traded clotheslines, until they both finally crashed to the mat.

Down for the eight count, the pair climbed to their feet and Taku came back with his second wind, taking it to the champ with hard clotheslines.  He got caught coming off the ropes, however, but unfortunately the ref also got caught in the crossfire, putting him down on the mat.

Taka took the opportunity to grasp the belt, clocking TNT with it, but the groggy ref was only able to count the two.  While the ref remained down, Taku attempted a second hit with the belt, but TNT was wise to this move, and intercepted the belt, and whacked Taku with it instead! This put the Japanese contender down for the three count, and TNT retained his AWF championship!

Full results for AWF Australasian Pro-Wrestling Summit 2008:

  • Tommy Combat def. Skyhawk
    Combat caught Skyhawk as he climbed the ropes.  Tossing him from the top, Tommy scored the pin to win.

  • Young Lions Championship
    Triple Threat match

    Jay Law def. Kid Dynamite & Chris Trance
    Kid Dynamite pushed Trance from the ropes just as he looked to be taking out the match.  The champ, Jay Law, was quick to seize the advantage and went in for the pin to retain his championship.

  • NZWPW Tag Team Championship
    Adam Avalanche & Infinity def. Company T
    Infinity smashed Rehua on the outside, distracting a concerned Dan who turned his back on the cunning Avalanche and got caught in a massive sidewalk slam by Adam.  It was enough to put down Dan for the three, and Infinity and Adam Avalanche were crowned the new NZWPW Tag Team champions!

  • NZ vs. Australia Challenge
    D-Hoya def. JT Robinson
    With Kid Dynamite interfering from the outside the match looked to be firmly in the hands of JT.  But D-Hoya caught JT on the ropes and hoisting him up onto his shoulders, D-Hoya hit the K-Kwon bomb to take the victory.

  • NZWPW Championship match
    Jimmy Sparx def. Billy Flyswat
    Flyswat got in a good lick of offence, but it was the NZWPW champ who dominated for much of the match up.  Flyswat bravely withstood a solid attack from the champ, but was unable make a comeback after Jimmy Sparx hit the Circuit Breaker to take the three count.

  • Levi def. Downtown Danny
    A bloodied Levi hit the Samoan Guillotine, but as Levi went in for the kill, Danny took him down with a DDT.  But a miss from the top gave Levi the chance to hit the Levi Rise for the win.

  • AWF Championship
    TNT def. Taku Iwasa

    TNT took the challenger out with the championship belt to retain.
Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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