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Disco Inferno & Dal Knox Victorious At Day 2 of Armageddon In Christchurch!
Written by Kirsty Quested   
Apr 27, 2008 at 07:52 PM

080427_victoriousWrestling fans turned up in droves for the second day of IPW action at Armageddon in Christchurch. The main event saw IPW Heavyweight Champion "The Deal" Dal Knox tagging with Disco Inferno against "Handsome" Danny Jacobs and "Double D" Davey Deluxeo. Officiating was special guest referee, IPW Commissioner Daddy Kool.

The match kicked off with a dance-off between Jacobs' manager Paul Starr, and Disco Inferno, but quickly got physical when Disco and Deluxeo locked up. A hip toss by Disco saw Deluxeo on the mat, but was able to tag in Jacobs, just as Disco tagged in Knox. Knox nailed Jacobs with a double overhead suplex, then crotched "The Handsome One" on the ring post before covering him for a 2-count.

Jacobs managed to tag in Deluxeo, who pounded Knox with kicks before tagging Jacobs back in, who also worked on Knox's already injured knee. Quick tagging saw Deluxeo back in to do more damage to the knee, sweeping Knox's legs out from under him.

With the support of the crowd, Knox managed to regain his vertical base, slamming Deluxeo into the turnbuckle. Desperate to get into the ring, Disco inadvertently distracted Daddy Kool, allowing Deluxeo and Jacobs to double-team Knox, working the injured knee even more.

080427_knox_outThough Knox desperately needed to tag in Disco, he was continually thwarted by Jacobs and Deluxeo, who always managed to make sure they nailed Knox's knee as much as possible. However, when Knox was finally able to tag in Disco, the man from Funky Town cleaned house, driving Jacobs and Deluxeo into the mat with brutal double clotheslines and a double People's Elbow. Knox re-entered the ring and the two worked over Jacobs and Deluxeo. Finally Knox managed to hoist Deluxeo onto his shoulders and spun him into the mat with a Knox Out, allowing Disco to get the pin and the victory.

The show opened with "Handsome" Danny Jacobs taking on the New Zealand Dream. Accompanied as always by his manager Paul Starr, Jacobs was surprised to see the NZ Dream turn up with a sidekick - Sam the Dancing Yam. Incensed, Jacobs and Starr challenged the Dream and Sam to a scrum, which Jacobs continued to take down, when he wasn't slipping out of it.

The match got underway with multiple suplexes by the Dream on Jacobs, and ended up with both men outside the ring, their sidekicks doing all they could to assist. Back in the ring, Jacobs gained control with a DDT on the Dream, but paid for it when the Dream turned Sam into a battering ram, pounding Jacobs into the corner. The Dream flew from the top rope in a cross body, but missed his target when Jacobs rolled out of the way. Jacobs managed a pin on the Dream, his feet on the ropes unseen by the official.

080427_dave_vinnyArmageddon Cup Champion, "Double D" Davey Deluxeo, was challenged by "The One" Vinny Dunn to put the Cup on the line, which met with the complete support of the crowd. The match was high intensity and incredibly physical, with Deluxeo hitting multiple senton splashes on Dunn, who countered with two huge missile dropkicks, earning themselves several close 2-counts.

Brian St. James inexplicably made his way to ringside, distracting the offical long enough for Deluxeo to nail Dunn with a steel travelling case lid. By the time the referee had turned back to the match, it was in time to count three on an unconscious Vinny Dunn, and Deluxeo retained the Cup.

"The Deal" Dal Knox took on Frank Charlton, for the IPW Heavyweight Championship. Knox took early control of the big Brit with punches, chops and a missle dropkick. A senton later and Knox had a 2-count. Maintaining control, Knox hit Charlton with another dropkick and a cross body splash, which Charlton thwarted by catching Knox in mid-air and slamming him to the mat.

Charlton pounded Knox with an Irish whip into the ropes, a power-slam and capitalising with a rear choke and a neck-breaker. Knox managed to fight free, whereupon he regained control of the match, finishing it off with a Knox Out and the three-count.

After the match, Knox suffered a beat-down by Danny Jacobs, Paul Starr and Davey Deluxeo, leaving the champ bruised and battered, having to be assisted backstage by officials.

080427_liger_chaosPirates, Ninjas and Superheroes - made up of Jason Burns, Liam Fury and Kid Liger - took on Brian St. James, Curt Chaos and Apollo in a high-speed tag team match, won by the Pirates, Ninjas & Superheroes when Apollo was nailed with an incredible shooting star press by Liam Fury.

In the afternoon, Vinny Dunn called out Curt Chaos and Brian St. James, who had done so much to annoy him over the course of the weekend, and challenged them to a 2-on-1 Handicap match. Dunn sent Chaos and St. James outside the ring, attacking with full force, driving them into the concrete pillars. Dunn then dropped multiple elbows on each from the top rope, before inviting the kids at ringside to "doggy pile" on top of St. James and Chaos, who were laid out on the floor. Dunn picked up the victory with his trademark "From the Coast" shoulder block.

Britain's Frank Charlton and Kid Liger were up next, Charlton working Liger's knee to start. The two traded submission holds throughout the match, which was won by Liger when he hit Charlton with a Shining Wizard.

In a triple threat match, The New Zealand Dream, Mischa Vladimir Ivanoff and Frank Florence Jr. all battled it out, with Florence picking up the victory after forcing the New Zealand dream to submit to a Honduras choke hold.

080427_furyLiam Fury and Link van Haggard treated the crowd to an amazing spectacle of high-flying, high-intensity moves. The match was fast-paced and thrilling. Fury missed his trademark Shooting Star Press, but was still able to roll van Haggard up for the 3-count.

Full Armageddon Day 2 Results:

  • Armageddon Cup Championship:
    "Double D" Davey Deluxeo d. "The One" Vinny Dunn to retain

  • IPW Heavyweight Championship:
    "The Deal" Dal Knox d. Frank Charlton to retain

  • "Handsome" Danny Jacobs d. The New Zealand Dream

  • Pirates, Ninjas & Superheroes d. Brian St. James, Curt Chaos & Apollo

  • "The One" Vinny Dunn d. Curt Chaos & Brian St. James

  • Kid Liger d. Frank Charlton

  • Floyd Florence Jr. d. The New Zealand Dream and Mischa Vladimir Ivanoff

  • Liam Fury d. Link van Haggard

  • "The Deal" Dal Knox & Disco Inferno d. "Handsome" Danny Jacobs & "Double D" Davey Deluxeo w/ Paul Starr
Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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