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IPW Breakdown: Knox retains, Kool eats wood
Jun 01, 2008 at 03:00 AM
At Westlake Boy’s High this Saturday, “The Deal” Dal Knox once again retained his IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship against Xtreme Superstar Jordan Invincible, when an enraged Invincible, unable to finish the champion off by legal means stooped to hitting the champ with a chair, getting himself disqualified from the match!

A fired up Knox charged Invincible in the ring and the match was on, with the pair trading wild blows.  Knox caught Invincible as he climbed the ropes, but the challenger came back with clubbing blows, chops and a brutal clothesline that brought the champion low.

The match spilled outside, where Knox smashed the hand of Invincible.  Taking it back to the ring Knox continued to attack the hand of the challenger, furthering the damage already inflicted.

Invincible made his comeback, getting a nasty DDT for two, and then locked in some energy draining submission holds on the champ.  He then took to Knox with some brutal offence.

Finally, frustrated that he couldn’t finish off the champ, Invincible hauled a chair out from under the ring and with a resounding whack the challenger dented a steel chair with Knox’s head and got himself disqualified, leaving Dal Knox as the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion.

And, in his signature match, Daddy Kool faced off against Jon E. King in a tables match!

The two scrambled out of the ring heading for the table, but neither was able to their hands on it.  Kool, however, was able to send King flying headfirst into the steel post, then took it to the ring.

Kool took down King with a hurricanrana and then locked in a submission hold, sapping the energy of King.  But a shot to the groin lowered Kool to the mat and King went to work on Kool with his domineering offensive style.

A weakened Kool lay in the ring as King went outside and hauled in a table, setting it up in the corner.  But Kool managed to reverse an Irish Whip to the corner to avoid going through the table.  

But King then countered the D Bomb attempt by Kool and set up the table in the centre of the ring, laying out Daddy Kool ready like a sacrifice.  King took a flying leap from the top rope, but at the last second Kool moved out of the way and King ate wood and gave Kool control of the match.

Kool hauled his ribbon wrapped “To Jon E. from Daddy” table to the ring and laid King out on it, but just as Kool was about to jump to victory a mysterious man entered the ring area and prevented Kool from taking the leap.

King took advantage and scrambled to the top and sent Kool flying through the table to take the win.  Post-match the mystery man entered the ring and presented Jon E. King with a t-shirt with P.W.E. written on it.

Full results for IPW Breakdown 2008:

  • “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T def. Davey Deluxeo
    It was all on from the onset of the match, as Lil T attacked Deluxeo as he made his entrance.  But DD was quick to turn things around and he dominated much of the match, ably evading Lil T’s attempts at high flying offence.
    Deluxeo hit a low blow on T, then headed outside, picking up his Armageddon Cup.  He attempted to hit Lil T with it but T ducked out of the way and hit the Spin the Mic to take the win.
    Post-match Lil T attempted a friendly finish, but Deluxeo was having none of it and smashed T with the Armageddon Cup before wrapping him up with the Sleeper.

  • “The Professional” Joseph Kinkade w/ Gary O. Davis def. “The Samoan Silverback” Alexander
    Alexander devastated Kinkade before the bell even rang with a  piledriver, and security came to ringside to haul the dazed professional from the ring, with his gorilla-glad manager Gary O. Davis in tow.
    But Alexander was having none of it and he hauled Kinkade back into the ring and never gave Kinkade the opportunity to regain his senses.
    A distraction by Gary O. Davis in his gorilla suit at ringside gave Kinkade the time he needed to take down Alexander and regain his equilibrium.
    Alexander hit a brutal spear out of nowhere, but just as he was going in for the kill, the gorilla pulled Kinkade from the ring.  Then, the man who was supposed to be in the gorilla suit, Gary O. Davis walked out to ringside in his longs and caused a distraction.  Kinkade attacked Alexander from behind with his manager’s cane to take the win, and it was revealed post-match that the man in the gorilla suit was, in fact, Jay-Sin Gray!

  • Britenay w/ “Handsome” Danny Jacobs & Paul Starr def. Alita Capri
    In her first ever match Alita Capri was quick to wipe the smirk off the face of Britenay, proving that she was able to hold her own in the ring against her more experienced opponent.  But a huge back body drop by Britenay turned things around and Britenay was able to destroy the defences of Alita with her powerful offence.
    Eventually Alita made her comeback, springing over the ropes to roll up Britenay for two, following up with two hurricanranas.  A tornado DDT scored another two count, but Britenay hit a damaging suplex followed by the Glamma Slamma to take the win.
    Post-match JPE entered the ring and pulverised Alita with her devastating Face of Evil manoeuvre.

  • Tables match
    Jon E. King def. Daddy Kool
    King used the distracted to spring to the ropes and put Kool through the table from the top.

  • 4 Corner Tag Team Elimination match
    Emerald Justice def. Pirates and Ninjas Are Totally Awesome, Mischa Vladimir Ivanoff & The NZ Dream, “Handsome” Danny Jacobs w/ Paul Starr & Britenay & Curt Chaos
    After Chaos and Jacobs were beaten down on the outside by the Dream and Burns, Liger took a flying leap over the top rope and took them all down.  Mischa then took his turn taking them all down with his plancha over the top.  Then, as they all climbed to their feet once again, van Haggard took his turn and flew over the top, taking them all down again.  Then, as they all looked to have regained their feet, Liam Fury headed up top and knocked them all of their feet with a shooting star press to the floor.
    The four teams made their way back to the ring and it was a wild melee from there.  Ivanoff and the Dream were the first eliminated thanks to “Handsome” Danny Jacobs, but Jacobs then fell victim to Burn’s submission and his team was eliminated next.  A huge four man electric chair laid out all four remaining competitors, and as they climbed to their feet it was Fury and van Haggard going at it in the ring.  A blind tag and a double-team by Emerald Justice kept Fury down for the three count.

  • Submission match
    “The Ex-Patriot” Alfred Valentine def. “The One” Vinny Dunn
    A worked up Dunn took the early advantage but Valentine out-thought Dunn and snuck in a boot to take control.  The match then swung back and forth, with Valentine concentrating on the knee of Dunn, working at him with a variety of moves and submission holds.
    Dunn attempted comebacks throughout the match, hitting dropkicks and Straight From the Coast, but didn’t managed to lock in a submission hold on the elusive Valentine.  Dunn missed with an elbow from the top and further damaged his knee, and Valentine, sensing weakness, locked in the Vorderman Crab and forced The One to tap.

  • Savage Beast & Ant def. Flagboy & Frank Charlton
    Ant hit a hurricanrana on Frank Charlton and sent him flying from the ring, giving Ant the opportunity to climb up top and hit the Frog Splash on Flagboy to take the win.

  • IPW NZ Heavyweight Championship
    “The Deal” Dal Knox def. Jordan Invincible
    Invincible couldn’t put Knox down the legal way, so he took to the champ with a chair and got himself disqualified from the match.

Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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