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NZWPW: D-Hoya makes history at Power Play 5
Written by David Dunn   
Jun 01, 2008 at 01:46 PM

With the title on the line last night at Power Play 5, D-Hoya and Jimmy Sparx left it all in the ring. In Sparx’s case, he left his belt behind too, and D-Hoya used the Eclipse to claim the NZWPW Heavyweight Championship for a record fifth time!

D-Hoya rallied the crowd behind him and locked-up with Sparx to start the match. The two swapped hammerlocks until Jimmy got a headlock and took Hoya to the mat. D-Hoya pushed himself back to his feet, but a single-leg takedown from Jimmy Sparx put him right back on the mat for a half Boston crab. D-Hoya got to the ropes and was dropped on his knee by Sparx, but rebounded back to his feet.

Hoya grabbed Sparx for a hiptoss, and changed to a neckbreaker in mid-air! Following up with a cartwheel splash, D-Hoya made the first cover of the match for a two-count. Staying in control, a legdrop from the middle rope and then a break dancing legdrop kept Jimmy grounded. An Irish whip followed, and Jimmy rushed straight into a backdrop over the top rope and to the outside!

Climbing back to the apron holding his back, Sparx managed to counter some suplex attempts from Hoya, and dropped the challenger groin-first on the top rope instead. Climbing onto the top turnbuckle, Sparx gave Hoya a clubbing forearm across the back.

D-Hoya fell to the outside and attempted to get his hands on Sparx, but Jimmy ducked in and out of the ring to keep D-Hoya at bay. With Hoya back in the ring and Jimmy sliding to the outside, Sparx took out D-Hoya’s legs and pulled him to the floor in a wheelbarrow position.

Back in the ring, Sparx mounted Hoya in the corner and delivered far more than ten closed-fist punches to D-Hoya’s skull. D-Hoya managed to push Sparx away though, and kick him to the mat. Hoya looked ready to try a high-flying move, but Sparx swatted the top rope out from under him and put Hoya groin-first on the turnbuckle again. D-Hoya lurched forward towards the mat, but Sparx caught him, and delivered a DDT with Hoya still straddled over the top rope!

Sparx made a cover, but Hoya’s crumpled body was too close to the ropes. D-Hoya pulled himself back to his feet in the corner, and Sparx used Hoya’s position to his advantage again. Jimmy leapt to Hoya’s shoulders, locking his legs around Hoya’s head as if for a triangle choke, only to fall backwards and drive his shin hard into D-Hoya’s throat.

Jimmy Sparx went to the opposing corner and untied the turnbuckle padding. While the referee went to check if he could re-fasten the pads, D-Hoya almost powered Sparx into the K-Kwon Bomb. Sparx slipped away, lifted D-Hoya onto his shoulders and dropped him face-first onto the exposed turnbuckle though. D-Hoya kicked out of the following cover at two.

Sparx hauled Hoya into a Circuit Breaker, but his knee buckled and the move didn’t really connect. Jimmy tried for the Circuit Breaker again, but D-Hoya slid away and pressed Jimmy Sparx up into the air for the End of Da World. Somehow Sparx countered into a glancing DDT though, so stay alive in the match. D-Hoya got back up and connected with the End of Da World on Jimmy Sparx, but somehow Sparx kicked out! With the larger crowd cheering Hoya on, an atomic drop set Sparx up, and D-Hoya hoisted him up and delivered the Eclipse! Hoya draped his arm over Sparx, and a three followed! Jimmy kicked out at around four, but it was too late, and D-Hoya became the record-setting five-time NZWPW Champion.

“Silencer” Jean Miracle took to the ring after an intermission, and informed the NZWPW fans that he was heading overseas, to become a ‘Cheerleader Appreciation Commissioner’ in Capetown, South Africa. With the fans disappointed to see him go, Miracle took a moment to reflect on his career; with it being only a year ago that the Superlatives became the first-ever NZWPW Tag Team Champions. Right on cue, “Shining” Nick Silver’s music interrupted SJM, and SNS came to the ring. It appeared that Silver was praising Miracle for his accomplishments, but “The Shining One” was actually talking himself up, claiming to be the ultimate Superlative.

In the ultimate act of disrespect, Nick Silver spat in Jean Miracle’s face. Miracle slowly removed his glasses and suit jacket, but then stopped himself. He claimed to be the bigger man, and extended his hand to SNS. Silver went to accept the handshake, and was booted in the stomach. SJM latched onto Nick’s head and gave him a perfect Screwdriver Remix! A kneedrop and a legdrop followed to make sure than “Silencer” Jean Miracle had the last laugh in his final appearance in NZWPW.

NZWPW Power Play 5 Results:

  • Kamystery def. Little Joker
    Little Joker tried to take away Kamystery’s speed advantage with a variety of submissions targeting the legs, but Kamystery fought back and put LJ away with his sunset-flip power bomb, the Mystery Flip.
  • Tykade James def. “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate w/ Little Joker
    Woodgate tried to get out of the match early, but was chased back to the ring by Ben Mana. O’Siris and Zach Zero came to the ring to support “Dream Catcher”, and ended up watching him get drilled with a backbreaker from the 145kg rookie behemoth. Zero and O’Siris distracted the referee while Woodgate blew Dream Dust into Tykade’s eyes, but James took back control of the match when he caught a cross body attempt from Phil. Tykade showed impressive versatility with a TKO into a knee to the face! With “Dream Catcher” stunned, James manhandled him into a spinning urange slam, to make sure the match was over.
  • Matariki def. MacBeth
    Matariki dominated the match with her sumo-style offense, overpowering MacBeth before forcing her down to the mat. From there, Matariki muscled MacBeth into an Indian deathlock forcing her to tap out.
  • O’Siris w/ Zach Zero & Little Joker def. Ben Mana
    Ben Mana dominated O’Siris with his powerful attack, but when the Circus of Tragedy on the outside of the ring distracted the referee, “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate made his way to the ring to pass O’Siris his trademark chain. A quick blow to the head with the steel put Mana out cold, and O’Siris made the cover to take home a tainted win. The Circus of Tragedy tried to beat down Ben Mana after the match, but Tykade James stormed to the ring and scattered Mana’s attackers.
  • JC Star def. Axl
    Two of NZWPW’s brightest young stars collided in this battle of speed vs. power. In the end, Star’s speed turned out to be too much for Axl’s power to handle. The “King of Darkness” tried to crush JC Star with the Atomic Spinebuster, but as Axl lifted Star for the Spinebuster portion of the move, JC locked his legs around Axl’s head and hurricanrana’d the big man. With Axl’s shoulders trapped on the mat, JC Star picked up an athletic win.
  • Rufguts def. Cam Owens
    Owens had to try and use his quickness advantage over Rufguts, but it was not to be. ‘Guts overpowered Owens several times in the match, keeping things at his pace. A massive DVD from Rufguts put Cam Owens out on the mat, and a huge middle-rope leg drop secured the three.
  • NZWPW Tag Team Championship
    Company T def. Infinite Avalanche (c)
    After being dominated, Dan Stirling finally made a tag to Rehua. Rehua evened the odds and tagged Dan back in just before he took Adam Avalanche to the outside. With the referee distracted by the mammoth brawl on the outside, Infinity snuck a chair into the ring. Infinity swung at Stirling, but the chair rebounded off the ropes and into Infinity’s face! Dan was quick to capitalise with the Dan Driver, and a cover to make Company T the new two-time NZWPW Tag Team Champions.
  • NZWPW Championship
    D-Hoya def. Jimmy Sparx (c)
    In the final moments of the match, D-Hoya countered Sparx’s Circuit Breaker into an End of Da World attempt. Sparx fought back and hit the Circuit Breaker again, but D-Hoya powered out, gave Sparx and atomic drop, and delivered the Eclipse! Hoya made the cover, and Sparx couldn’t kick out in time, meaning that NZWPW has a new five-time Heavyweight Champion!
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