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IPW Unbreakable: Champion Invincible leaves the ring in pieces!
Jul 27, 2008 at 01:24 AM
The ring was left in a state of disrepair after IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Jordan Invincible successfully defended his belt against his former adversary Kid Liger at IPW Unbreakable this Saturday!

The match was originally slated to feature “The Deal” Dal Knox getting his rematch against the man who took the belt from him, but the new IPW Commissioner, Jon E. King prevented the match from happening, ripping up the rematch contract, and instead made a new match for the main event – Jordan Invincible vs. Kid Liger for the IPW NZ Heavyweight Championship in a No Disqualification match!

Liger attempted a quick attack, but Invincible, well versed in the ways of Liger scouted the attacked and turned upon the challenger.  As he threw Liger over the ropes, the top rope broke and spilled the Strong Style Superhero to the concrete below, leaving the ring a massive wreck. Liger recovered and came back at the champ, launching at him with elbows and knees, before thwacking him from behind with a brutal forearm to the head for a close two.

Liger then sent Davey Deluxeo, who had been lying in wait at ringside, flying into the steel ring post before delivering knife edged chops to the chests of the Xtreme Superstars.

DD then choked out Liger with the broken ring rope, then sending him flying into the ring post before helping Invincible to choke him out.  DD proceeded to punch Liger while he was choked by the champ, doing double damage.

A nasty backbreaker by Invincible put Liger down for two, but as XS looked to double team the unfortunate challenger, Link van Haggard ran to ringside and came to his partner’s aid, knocking DD off his feet.

This changed the tide of the match giving Liger the advantage, but a sneaky attack by Deluxeo gave it back to his partner once again.  Invincible then took Liger out with a huge slam, before slingshotting his neck into the bottom rope, damaging the windpipe of the challenger.

A springboard leg drop over the second rope gave the champ a two count, before the match erupted in a brawl on the outside.  Invincible and Liger took it back to the ring as DD and van Haggard went at it on the outside.

Liger countered a move from Invincible into a devastating powerbomb then followed up with a high knee off the top rope that took the champion down.  But Invincible then managed to counter a move from Liger into the T-Boon drop to get the victory!

Post-match Deluxeo and Invincible viciously attacked Liger and van Haggard, which was put to an end with Dal Knox interrupted, coming to the aid of Emerald Justice.

Full results for IPW Unbreakable 2008:

  • Armageddon Cup Champion Double D Davey Deluxeo w/ IPW Champion Jordan Invincible def. The Fire Ant
    DD caught Ant as he came off the ropes, lifting him over his head and throwing Ant to the floor below.  “The Deal” Dal Knox entered in a fury, determined to get some revenge on Deluxeo after his role in the loss of his championship at the last show, attacking DD.  Invincible came to his partner’s aid, but quickly scooted from the ring to evade Knox’s fists of fury.  The ref called for the bell, giving the victory to Double D via disqualification.

  • Triple Threat Inter-promotional match
    IPW Australia Heavyweight Champions Cruz def. “The Samoan Silverback” Alexander & The NZ Dream
    Cruz launched himself off the ropes, taking out his two opponents with a crossbody.  But he could only put Alexander down for two.  The Silverback came back, nailing the IPWA champ with a massive powerbomb, but the NZ Dream interrupted the count.  Later in the match the Dream was spilled from the ring, leaving Alexander and Cruz to battle it out until Alexander finally fell victim to the Slasher Leg Drop to give Cruz another victory on NZ shores.

  • J.P.E. def. Alita Capri
    Capri hit a hurricanrana followed by the Stage Dive off the top rope, but JPE managed to evade the Headbanger (tornado DDT) and nailed the high flying Capri with an elbow drop off the top rope.  The Wicked Witch of Evil then finished her opponent off with the devastating Face of Evil.

  • “The One” Vinny Dunn def. “The Ex-Patriot” Alfred Valentine w/ Flagboy
    Valentine did his best to fend off the attack off Dunn, but when the pair did finally tie up a thumb to the eye gave the Swiss Wrestling Machine the match advantage.
    A huge clothesline to the corner knocked the wind from Dunn, but a reversed headbutt to the ring corner turned the tide of the match back the way of the One.  Dunn then lifted his Machiavellian opponent over his head in a feat of strength and threw him over the ropes onto his ever-present Flagboy.
    Dunn followed up with a baseball slide through the ropes, then a plancha over the ropes, taking down the duo, but Dunn telegraphed a dropkick off the top rope, giving the advantage back to Valentine, who cinched in the Valentine’s Day Gift for two.
    Valentine locked in a one legged Boston Crab, doing damage to the knee of the One, but Dunn was able to break free.  The Ex-Patriot then headed for the ropes, but got caught in a precarious position and Dunn nailed him with a superplex off the top and earned himself a close two count.
    The pair traded blows as they climbed to their feet, with Dunn hitting the Only One.  But Flagboy interfered in the match, stopping the count.  The One got his revenge with a dropkick, sending Valentine’s lackey to the concrete below.
    An elbow from the top earned Dunn another two count, but as he went to finish the match Flagboy grabbed his feet, stopping his momentum.  Valentine was quick to cease the advantage, locking in the Vordemann Crab.  Dunn grasped at the mat desperately, hauling himself to the ropes, but the effort paid a high price and Valentine sensed the weakness and came back at the One with a brutal DDT.
    But he took too long getting to the top and missed with the 450 Splash, and Dunn was able to come back with Straight From the Coast to take the win!

  • The New Vogue starring “Handsome” Danny Jacobs w/ Paul Starr & Britenay def. “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T
    Jacobs distracted the ref to give his New Vogue partners the chance to get at Lil T, before Jacobs hit the Greedy Fly.  T got a foot to the ropes breaking the count, and an easily distracted Jacobs taunted the crowd inadvertently giving Lil T the opening he needed to come back with a spike DDT.  An enziguri sent Jacobs to the mat, followed by a huge clothesline off the top rope for two.  A leg drop off the second rope earned another two count, but Jacobs regained his feet and came back at Wresting’s Most Wanted with the Monster Loves You Automatic.  After that move, an enraged T came back at Handsome with chops and the Impactor, but a distraction by Britenay on the ring apron and an assist from Paul Starr with the pin gave Jacobs his first victory in almost ten months.

  • IPW Commissionership match
    PWE – Justin Lane & Jon E. King def. Daddy Kool & The Machine
    When Kool finally got his hands on King he sent him flying from the ring and pummelled him on the outside.  But the trip back into the ring gave King recovery time and from there on in he proceeded to dominate. 
    Kool came back with a hurricanrana, but the ref was distracted as the Machine chased Lane around ring side and a low blow ruined Kool’s comeback chance.
    Daddy Kool eventually got to his corner and tagged in the Machine who got his hands on Lane, but then the Machine turned on the now former IPW Commissioner Daddy Kool, taking him down with a huge splash in the corner, giving PWE the victory, with IPW stalwart the Machine turning his back on IPW to join forces with PWE. 
    Kool suffered a beat down post-match at the hands of PWE, despite attempted assistance from the ref and Mischa.

  • Pirate Burns w/ Ninja Fury def. Curt Chaos w/ Brian Saint James
    The Ninja kept James occupied on the outside, preventing interference, but the ref couldn’t prevent all four men from trading blows on the outside.  Burns and Chaos fought it out in the ring until Pirate Burns locked in a submission hold and forced Chaos to tap.

  • IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship match
    Jordan Invincible vs. “The Deal” Dal Knox
    The new IPW Commissioner Jon E. King declared Knox’s rematch null and void, tearing up the contract and making a new main event.

  • IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship match
    No Disqualification

    Jordan Invincible def. “The Strong Style Superhero” Kid Liger
    Invincible hit the T-Boon drop to take the win and retain at IPW Unbreakable!
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