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NZWPW: Infinite Avalanche win in Wainui
Written by David Dunn   
Aug 20, 2008 at 08:09 PM

Last Saturday, August 16, saw Infinite Avalanche become two-time NZWPW tag team champions with a win over Company T in the Wainuiomata Community Hall after Rehua turned his back on partner Dan Stirling.

Infinite Avalanche began by posing for the crowd, but their show-boating was cut short as Company T took to them immediately, ejecting Adam Avalanche from the ring then turning their attention to Infinity. Dan was able to gain an early advantage with some martial-arts blows to Infinity's body, keeping him off balance.

Rehua was tagged in and showed an equally effective ability in the ring with clotheslines and huge slams. The match may have swung in Company T's advantage, but Dan misjudged an elbow and Infinity was able to drag in Rehua as a human-shield, causing Stirling to strike his own partner.

Later in the match, Stirling mistimed a spinning heel kick, hitting Rehua for a second time. Having had enough of Dan’s errors, Rehua refused to let Stirling make a tag to him, and stepped off the apron to head backstage, leaving Dan all alone. With no one to aid him, Dan was easily driven into the mat with a Wave of the Avalanche from Adam, who followed with a pin and secured the tag team titles for he and Infinity!

NZWPW Invasion Results:

  • Zodiac def. Little Joker
    Little Joker was unable to pick up the win in his hometown, despite a massive top-rope clothesline that left both Generation-Next wrestlers out of breath. LJ tried to roll Zodiac up, but Zodiac used Joker’s momentum against him and rolled through to score the pin for himself.
  • Tykade def. “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate
    “Dream Catcher” broke out the Dream Dust early into the match and tried to drop Tykade with the Razorblade Romance, but Tykade proved too big to be powered to the mat. LJ came to the ring to try and help Woodgate, but Tykade clubbed “Dream Catcher” to the canvas and covered him for a three-count.
  • NZWPW Championship
    No Contest: D-Hoya (c) vs. Rufguts

    Champion and challenger seemed to have each other matched surprisingly in both power and agility during the match. D-Hoya almost got in position to hit Rufguts with the K-Kwon Bomb, when Jimmy Sparx rushed to the ring and assaulted both men, making the match a no contest.
  • “Shining” Nick Silver def. Cam Owens
    Owens had the popularity, but Silver had the experience edge in their match; and a resourceful counter to one of Cam’s moves gave SNS the win.
  • No Contest: Axl vs. Ben Mana
    When Mana took Axl off his feet with a spinebuster, the Circus of Tragedy made their way to the ring. Tykade James rushed to even the odds for Ben Mana, prompting another no contest for the evening.
  • NZWPW Championship
    No Contest: D-Hoya (c) vs. Jimmy Sparx vs. Rufguts
    Stemming from his involvement in the first title match of the night, Jimmy Sparx was thrown into a triple threat for the NZWPW championship. As the match spilled to the outside security had to step in to keeps fans back from the action. However, as the three men moved back into the ring Adam Avalanche showed up to take out the weakened men and cause yet another no contest. Adam told fans he should have been given a rematch with D-Hoya, which prompted JC Star to appear and stake a claim to the NZWPW title too. As such, a tournament for the belt will be set up.
  • NZWPW Tag Team Championship
    Infinite Avalanche def. Company T (c)

    Miscalculations from Company T gave Infinite Avalanche an advantage, and frustrated Rehua to the point that he walked out on Dan Stirling. Now facing a handicap match environment, Stirling was easy caught with a Wave of the Avalanche, and pinned to make Infinite Avalanche the new tag team champions.

Thanks to NZWPW management for supplying these results.

Saturday, April 19
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