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IPW Unleashed: It's a Dunn Deal; Kapisi kamikazes Jacobs
Sep 21, 2008 at 12:46 AM

Leading into Rival Turf on October 4th it was a huge tag team main event at IPW Unleashed that saw IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Jordan Invincible and his partner the Armageddon Cup Champion Davey Deluxeo suffer a defeat at the hands of “The Deal” Dal Knox and “The One” Vinny Dunn!

Knox and Dunn didn’t even wait to be announced, going straight after XS, hitting them with a double backdrop before they spilled them from the ring.  Dunn, quick to spot an opportunity, hit a plancha over the top rope, taking the pair down.

He then hauled them back to his feet, lining them up for his partner, Knox, who springboarded off the ropes to take them down once again.

Dunn Deal then went to work on Deluxeo, isolating him from his partner and laying into him with devastating, hard-hitting moves designed to weaken the defences of Deluxeo.

But an error by Knox got turned into an instinctive powerbomb by DD, who then made it to his corner, tagging in Invincible who went straight after Knox, aiming to maim.

It was now Knox’s turn to be isolated by XS, with the Champ sending the Deal throat first into the ropes with velocity, before DD followed his partner in to do some damage of his own.

Knox managed to fight his way back, but as he mounted Deluxeo in the corner to deal some blows, Knox was pushed from the top rope to smash through the announcers table!

Dunn attended to his partner, but was forced to climb back into the ring before the ten count to face the Xtreme Superstars on his own while his partner was carried from the ring area.

Dunn wasn’t about to be cowed by the odds and unleashed on the duo, hitting a huge powerbomb on Deluxeo.  But in the end it was a numbers game and Invincible came to his partner’s aid, clubbing the One from behind.

XS then used rapid tags to deliver swift and devastating damage, with Invincible hitting his butterfly suplex, before DD taunted Dunn into expending precious energy in fighting back.

As Invincible tossed Dunn from the ring, the One skinned the cat back in and surprised the Champ from behind, sending him sprawling outside.  But as Dunn looked for the plancha, Deluxeo came from behind and sent Dunn outside to join Invincible.

The pair double-teamed the One on the outside, sending him head-first into the steel ring post, busting him wide open.  Deluxeo then rolled him back into the ring and the Xtreme Superstars then parried Dunn between them using forearms to do further damage to the gushing wound on his head.

Knox then made a valiant reappearance, ripping the neckbrace from around his throat, getting to his corner just in time to get the tag from a desperate Dunn.  The Deal then unleashed in the ring in a wild fury, taking down Deluxeo with a flying dropkick, before going for the Knox Out on Invincible.

As he hoisted the Champ to his shoulders Deluxeo intercepted with the Armageddon Cup in hand.  Knox evaded the hit and hauled DD to his shoulders with cup still in hand and hit the Knox Out to get the win!

Full results for IPW Unleashed 2008:

  • “The Samoan Silverback” Alexander def. “The Ex-Patriot” Alfred Valentine w/ Flagboy
    The match momentum swung back and forth like a Swiss-wrought pendulum, with Valentine utilising his wrestling prowess, while the Silverback came back with his overwhelming strength and power.  But when Valentine missed with a moonsault off the top rope he gave Alexander the opening he needed to hit the Tombstone piledriver for the victory.

  • Saint Chaos def. Pirates and Ninjas Are Totally Awesome
    Things were looking good for the Pirate and the Ninja as Liam Fury headed up top and hit the Shooting Star Press off the top rope, but as he looked to capitalise the Machine entered the ring and hit the Machine Head on Fury.  IPW Commissioner Jon E. King refused the DQ and made the ref count the three, giving Saint Chaos the win in Brian Saint James’ first match back from injury. 
    Post-match Saint Chaos declared their allegiance to PWE.

  • The Fire Ant def. Flagboy
    Ant took Flagboy unawares at the start of the match to give himself the early advantage, but the match didn’t go all his way when Flagboy managed to turn the advantage his way, almost scoring the winning pinfall after he hit a brutal Facebuster on Ant.  But the Fire Ant came back and hit a top rope manoeuvre that kept Flagboy down for the three.

  • Battle Rap featuring Special Guest Judge King Kapisi
    “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T def. The New Vogue starring “Handsome” Danny Jacobs feat. Britenay and Paul Starr
    After three rounds of lyrical stylings, and a bonus dance round for Britenay and Paul Starr which highlighted their krumping and breakdancing skills, Lil T came out the clear winner.  An angered Jacobs faced down King Kapisi and got himself caught between Lil T and Kapisi, getting nailed from the top rope by T before “White Chocolate” got taken down by a huge clothesline from Kapisi.

  • The Savage Beast def. “The Strong Style Superhero” Kid Liger
    Jon E. King made the stipulation that if Liger lost the match he would then be out of IPW, and it wasn’t long before King stopped the match, Superkicking Liger and Beast and then dragging the insensible body of Beast over Liger to give him the win.

  • The New Vogue starring Britenay feat. Paul Starr & “Handsome” Danny Jacobs vs. Alita Capri – no match
    Jacobs had an unconscious Alita Capri over his shoulders as Britenay gloated about taking her out of contention for the match.  All the hard work made her hungry and she called the hotdog girl into the ring, but got a hotdog to the face for her trouble.  Absolutely enraged, Britenay then pulverised the hotdog girl for her temerity.

  • Mischa Vladimir Ivanoff def. “The Human Bullet” Link van Haggard
    Jon E. King made the same stipulation for van Haggard as his partner – lose and he’s out of IPW.  Neither man was able to gain the advantage before Saint Chaos entered the fray, attacking van Haggard and giving Mischa a hand-fed victory, leaving Link’s future in IPW in doubt.

  • Dunn Deal: “The Deal” Dal Knox & “The One Vinny Dunn def. The Xtreme Superstars: IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Jordan Invincible & Armageddon Cup Champion Davey Deluxeo
    A Knox Out on Deluxeo finally put XS out of commission long enough for Knox to get the three!
Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

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