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IPW Rival Turf: Team NZ victorious; Knox new champ!
Oct 05, 2008 at 01:07 AM

In the massive main event at IPW Rival Turf Team New Zealand consisting of “The Samoan Silverback” Alexander, “The One” Vinny Dunn, “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T and Pirates and Ninjas Are Totally Awesome defeated Team Australia who bought Cruz, Sweet Ass, “Dangerous” Vinnie Diamond, Jackeroo and “The Future” Nick Burns to the fray in the first ever Double Ring Capture the Flag elimination match!

In one ring in the corner stood the Australian flag, and in the other ring waved the Silver Fern, and it was the team who first got both flags to their corner that would stand victorious for their country at the end of the evening.

A Swiss flag bearing Alfred Valentine attempted to win the match for Switzerland, trying to get his flag first in Team Australia’s corner and then Team NZ’s with little success, before he was ejected from the ring.  Team NZ then challenged the Aussies with the Haka before all hell unleashed as all ten men went into frenzied action across the two rings.

Jackeroo got his hands on the Team NZ flag first, but was intercepted by Alexander who returned it to its rightful place.  Cruz was then eliminated from the match via DQ and took out his frustrations on the unfortunate referee.

Nick Burns was the next to get the NZ flag, but it was saved by the Ninja, meanwhile Vinny Dunn got his hands on the Australian flag for Team NZ, but he was quickly intercepted by Jackeroo.

All nine men continued to battle it out with furious national pride and intensity, and then at the same time Alexander captured the Australian flag while Jackeroo got his hands on the Silver Fern.  The Pirate got the Aussie flag to the NZ corner, but the NZ flag was hotly contested in the ring.

Nick Burns was the next man eliminated via count out, but he refused to leave the ring area and continued to interject himself in the wild melee the proceeded at each team frantically tried to claim both flags in their corner.  A bloodied Lil T was stopped in the nick of time by Sweet Ass from taking the win.

Lil T guarded the NZ flag while the Pirate, perched on the shoulders of the Silverback attempted to steal the Aussie flag, but during the chaos Jackeroo stole the NZ flag and the Aussie flag went into the hands of Dunn who passed it to Alexander, planting it in their corner.

Pirate Burns then plundered the Kiwi flag from the Aussie corner, and as Alexander took out Jackeroo and despite a last ditch effort by Team Australia both flags went into the NZ corner to give the victory to New Zealand!

And, in the third championship match of the evening, Jordan Invincible set out to defend his IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship against “The Deal” Dal Knox.

Sick of the champ’s posturing, Knox went straight on the attack, getting an early pin before locking in the Fort Knox.

Jordan was quick to evacuate the ring, but Knox followed, springboarding off the top rope to the outside.  But the Xtreme Superstars evaded the flying Deal and just like that the tide of the match was turned.

A springboard leg drop earned Invincible a two count, and Deluxeo snuck in a choke from ringside on Knox while the champ distracted the ref.  Jordan then contemptuously chucked Knox from the ring, and then dragged him back into the second ring the hard way to lock him into a draining submission hold.

Invincible then unleashed his devastating butterfly suplexes for a close two count, followed by another suplex for another two.  The next suplex attempt, however, was anticipated by the challenger who fought back, reversing the move and heading up top.

Knox missed with the missile dropkick and Invincible quickly covered for another two count, and then threw Knox throat first into the ropes before somersaulting over the top rope to hit a flying neckbreaker for another two count.

But the champ got cocky and missed with the moonsault from the top and Knox was quick to seize the advantage, locking in the Fort Knox in the small gap between the two rings.  Invincible slipped down out of sight and while the ref looked for Invincible, Deluxeo attacked Knox in the ring.

The ref reappeared and threw DD from the ring, but as he arrogantly made his way to the apron, “The One” Vinny Dunn attacked Deluxeo, chasing him backstage and his wake leaving the odds in the ring a lot more even.

In the centre of the ring, Knox locked in the Fort Knox, but Invincible was able to drag himself to the ropes to break the hold.  Taking it to the ropes, Knox nailed the champ with a superplex for a very close two count.

Knox went back up top and hit a splash but Invincible rolled through for a two of his own instead.  But Knox then hit the Knox Out, but a slow cover gave Invincible the time he needed to regather his senses and kick out on the two.

Knox climbed to his feet and hauled the Champ over his shoulders and he hit a huge second Knox Out on Invincible, who finally stayed down for the three and “The Deal” Dal Knox became the new IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion!

Due to popular demand the match between Cruz and “The Future” Nick Burns for the IPW Australia Heavyweight Championship was ruled to be a tables match and as the bell rang it was all on between the pair, with Burns getting in the first flurry of offence.  It wasn’t long before Cruz scented an opening like a shark after blood and it was the champ who unleashed a frenzied attack on the flesh of the challenger.

But Cruz turned his back on Burns as he set up a table and the mistake cost Cruz who was dropped face-first onto the flattened table.  Burns then escaped the ring and requested a time out, but got a diving Cruz hurtling into him instead.

The champ then tenderised the chest of the challenger with some brutal chops, but when it went back to the ring Burns regained control and lay into the champ with hard-hitting brutality.

Cruz fought back, catching Burns under the ropes and ruining any chance of him having children, before taking it up top rope to take him down with a huge head scissors.

Cruz nailed the challenger off the ropes with a knee, knocking onto the set up table, then heading to the top Cruz hit the Slasher Leg Drop, putting Nick Burns through the table to retain.

Full results for IPW Rival Turf 2008:

  • IPW Armageddon Cup Champion Davey Deluxeo def. Jackaroo
    Jackeroo was a huge challenger for DD, but in the end he overcame the hard-hitting attack of the Aussie to hit a DDT off the ropes for the win.

  • Triple Threat Match
    Curt Chaos def. “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T & Ashe
    It was the battle of the Impactor between Ashe and Lil T, but Chaos rejoined the fray just as Lil T looked to have had the final word taking down Ashe with his Impactor.  Chaos pushed Lil T from the top rope to the concrete below before he took down Ashe for the three!

  • Shock Therapy w/ Mother def. "The Ex-Patriot" Alfred Valentine & Flagboy
    Valentine threw Flagboy in the ring to wear Shock Therapy down, biding his time before getting involved in a headbutting contest with the duo.  A huge moonsault off the top rope earned Valentine a close two count, but a tag to Flagboy went awry when he got caught in a double-team submission by Shock Therapy, who forced Valentine’s sidekick to tap out.

  • IPW South Pacific Championship
    Jon E. King w/ Justin Lane def. “Dangerous” Vinnie Diamond
    PWE member Curt Chaos joined the proceedings at ringside and the superior numbers gave King the clear advantage for some time.  Diamond fought his way back, devastating King with a flurry of dropkicks.  But it was when King sent Diamond flying over the ropes into the waiting arms of PWE that the match outcome finally became clear.  Diamond fought his way free of PWE, but walked straight into King’s deadly Silencer Superkick, which put him down for the three and Jon E. King became the new IPW South Pacific Champion!

  • Evie & Brandy def. The New Vogue starring Britenay feat. Paul Starr & "Handsome" Danny Jacobs & Bella Bambina
    Britenay went for her patented Glamma Slamma on Brandy who reversed it into a pinning predicament for two.  Then all hell broke loose with the Australians brawling on the outside while Britenay and Evie went hammer and tong in the ring.  Evie hit a brutal neckbreaker variation on Britenay and kept her down for the three count.

  • The Fire Ant def. The Mighty Hercules
    The Fire Ant hit a high flying aerial assault on the “500lb behemoth” Hercules, and in the end it was a corkscrew moonsault that finally kept the Aussie down for the pin and win.

  • Hawk & Sweet Ass def. Emerald Justice
    While Sweet Ass educated Link van Haggard in the ring, Hawk and Liger came to blows on the outside leaving Hawk a bloodied mess.  Link missed a running dropkick to the corner keeping Sweet Ass in control of the match inside the ring, while the brawl outside the ring continued to swing back and forth.  After Hawk had disposed of Liger, he then distracted the ref while Sweet Ass did the damage in the ring, putting van Haggard down for three.

  • IPW Australia Heavyweight Championship
    Tables match

    Cruz def. “The Future” Nick Burns
    The Slasher Leg Drop put Nick Burns through the table and Cruz retained.

  • IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
    "The Deal" Dal Knox def. Jordan Invincible w/ Davey Deluxeo
    The Deal took Invincible down with two Knox Outs, and it was on the second that he was able to keep Jordan down for the three to become the new IPW Champion!

  • Double Ring Capture The Flag Elimination Match
    Team NZ: "Samoan Silverback" Alexander, "The One" Vinny Dunn, Lil T & Pirates And Ninjas Are Totally Awesome def. Team Australia: Cruz, Sweet Ass, "Dangerous" Vinny Diamond, Jackaroo & Nick Burns
    It was a wild melee, but in the end Team NZ came out on top with both flags in their corner.
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