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NZWPW Big One: D-Hoya becomes a six-time champ!
Written by David Dunn   
Nov 15, 2008 at 01:12 AM

081114_dhoyaD-Hoya hit Jimmy Sparx with the Eclipse to become the new, six-time NZWPW Champion earlier tonight at NZWPW The Big One. The match looked to be over before it had a chance to begin when referee Paul Sayers disqualified D-Hoya for an accidental knock-down. However, NZWPW commentator Roneel stepped away from the commentary table to order that the match be restarted - under no disqualification rules.

Jimmy Sparx attacked D-Hoya on the outside of the ring and choked him with the security rope until Roneel declared the contest to be a lumberjack match. The NZWPW roster headed to the ring and forced Hoya and Sparx back between the ropes before a brawl erupted and they all moved backstage. While the action outside the ring was intense, things heated up on the inside and D-Hoya’s End of da World was countered into a Circuit Breaker for two from Sparx. Jimmy’s downfall came as he decided to mock D-Hoya, breaking out a ‘We Will Rock You’ leg drop. As Sparx rebounded off the ropes D-Hoya leapt to his feet to deliver an atomic drop before heaving Sparx into the air and nailing him with the Eclipse!

The match began with both men locking up in centre-ring. They exchanged hammerlocks and headlocks before Sparx knocked Hoya from his feet with a shoulder block. Sparx took a moment to taunt the crowd and was knocked down by a shoulder block from D-Hoya. Jimmy Sparx arm dragged his way into a crucifix pinning attempt, but Hoya lifted his shoulder off the mat and rolled into an inside cradle for two on Sparx. D-Hoya snapmared Jimmy Sparx into a chin lock for a moment, but Sparx gave Hoya a stunner from a semi-standing position to break the hold.

D-Hoya bumped referee Paul Sayers as he got back to his feet, and was given a warning. Looking to get D-Hoya in further trouble, Jimmy Sparx placed himself groin-first over the top rope while the referee communicated with the commentary team. As such, D-Hoya was given yet another warning. Hoya pushed Jimmy Sparx into the corner and picked him up for the K-Kwon Bomb, but as Sparx wriggled free from D-Hoya’s grasp, he was shoved into the referee yet again. Using a three-strikes-and-you’re-out approach, referee Paul Sayers called for the bell, disqualifying D-Hoya and making Jimmy the new NZWPW champion.

NZWPW commentator Roneel stopped Sparx as he was leaving and announced that that match would not be ending in a disqualification - instead it would be restarted under no disqualification rules! Sparx was initially angry, but quickly channelled his aggression to D-Hoya and began choking him with NZWPW’s security rope. Sensing that the match might spend more time out of the ring than it should, Roneel announced that it was now a lumberjack match, and the NZWPW roster filtered out from backstage to surround the ring.

A leaping knee from D-Hoya rocked Jimmy Sparx, and the former five-time NZWPW Champion headed to the top rope. Axl (a lumberjack) knocked D-Hoya’s feet out from under him though, and Sparx delivered a massive DDT to Hoya with his feet still on the top rope. D-Hoya accidentally rolled out of the ring following the impact DDT and was attacked by the lumberjacks supporting Sparx.

Back in the ring Sparx scored a near fall from the lumberjacks’ efforts. Hoya pulled himself up using the corner, and Sparx brought him straight back down to the mat with a brutal falling gogoplata. With both men motionless on the mat, the lumberjacks began to fight with one another! Eventually the massive moving brawl made its way backstage, leaving only D-Hoya and Jimmy Sparx in the ring. D-Hoya got to his feet before Sparx, and pressed his opponent high for the End of da World. Jimmy Sparx wrestled his way out of the gorilla press position and powered Hoya over his shoulder before dropping him head-first with the devastating Circuit Breaker! Miraculously D-Hoya kicked out after a two-count from acting referee Roneel. Sparx picked Hoya up for a second Circuit Breaker, but the former five-time champ turned Jimmy upside down with a wrist-lock arm drag. As Sparx got back to his feet, disorientated, D-Hoya picked him up and nailed him with the Eclipse in centre-ring, to become the new six-time NZWPW Champion. 

NZWPW The Big One Results:

  • Hoakxz def. Hazardous via disqualification
    In a match for ‘Hawkes Bay bragging rights’, Hazardous knocked Hoakxz silly with some brutal kicks before the smaller Hoakxz coutered a kick to an ankle lock, which he used to try out more submissions. Hazardous pulled himself from the ring using the bottom rope, and produced some sort of stick from under the ring to blast Hoakxz in the face with.

  • “Shining” Nick Silver def. Kamystery
    Kamystery continued to impress NZWPW audiences against the veteran, Nick Silver. Kamystery was taken from his feet with a calf-kick in the early going, but fought back to hurricanrana and senton splash SNS. “Shining” Nick stayed in the match though, and while Kamystery was able to block the Silver Bullet, SNS’s Silver Lining put him down for the three.

  • Misty def. Matariki, MacBeth
    The women of PWWA, New South Wales had better watch out, as Misty stormed her way through both Matariki and MacBeth before she heads to Australia next week. A Mistifier took out Matariki while Misty rolled MacBeth up to take the win. MacBeth argued with the referee after he counted the fall, so Misty picked her up and slammed her down with the Mistifier to make sure there were no disputes.

  • Rufguts def. El Montana
    The enigmatic Montana returned to NZWPW for a rematch from NZWPW Invasion against Rufguts. Unfortunately for him, Rufguts was too much to overcome, and a modified TKO followed by a 125kg leg drop gave Rufguts his second win over El Montana.

  • JC Star, Ben Mana & Tykade def. The Circus of Tragedy
    The Circus of Tragedy did well to isolate JC Star for much of the match, but in the end the tables were turned on them and Tykade powerbombed O’Siris as Ben Mana slammed “Dream Catcher” while JC Star pinned Axl following a top rope moonsault.

  • Falls Count Anywhere, Loser Leaves NZWPW
    Dan “Da Man” Stirling def. Rehua
    Rehua hid and snuck up on Dan at the start of the match, beating him around the ring to earn a few near falls. Rehua looked to have Stirling’s number, rolling away from a fist drop from Dan and planting him into the mat with a modified DVD. Stirling survived to hit his own Dan Driver for a near fall though, and took Rehua down hard with a bulldog from the middle rope. A cover followed, and Dan “Da Man” Stirling took the win over Rehua - presumably sending him packing from NZWPW.

  • NZWPW Tag Team Championship
    Infinite Avalanche (c) def. Hoax & Hazardous
    Adam Avalanche, a Hawkes Bay native himself, put the challenge out to Hoakxz and Hazardous after their match at the top of the night. Eager to go down in NZWPW history, the two put their differences aside to try and take the tag titles from Infinite Avalanche. After a long battle, NZWPW Chairman Martin Stirling imposed a five minute time limit on the match which was quickly shortened to three minutes after Infinity complained. Adam Avalanche wasted no time in drilling Hoakxz with the Mile High powerbomb to take the win, before grabbing the tag team titles and storming backstage.

  • NZWPW Championship
    D-Hoya def. Jimmy Sparx
    D-Hoya shattered his own record to become a six-time NZWPW Champion. The match was almost awarded to Jimmy Sparx after the referee was knocked down by D-Hoya, but Roneel stepped out from the commentary desk to restart the contest. As the match spilled to the outside of the ring Roneel announced that the contest would be a lumberjack match, and the NZWPW roster flooded the ringside area. A brawl erupted and the roster eventually cleared backstage as D-Hoya hit Sparx with the Eclipse and became the new NZWPW Champion!
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