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IPW NBX: Knox retains in the rubble!
Dec 13, 2008 at 11:22 PM

081213_nbx1Every conceivable weapon was used in a battle for the ages between “The Deal” Dal Knox, Jordan Invincible, “The One” Vinny Dunn and Double D Davey Deluxeo at Nightmare Before Xmas in the Fatal Fourway Fans Bring the Weapons match.  In the end it was a Knox Out on Jordan Invincible into a pile of thumbtacks that finally ended the epic battle leaving Dal Knox as the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion!

Invincible and Knox went at it in the ring while Dunn and Deluxeo battled outside, where The One was split wide open with blood dripping from his head.  Just as it looked like XS would team up on Vinny in the ring, Invincible turned on his partner and went hardcore on him on the outside.

DD fought back, doing serious damage to Invincible before Dunn and Invincible went head to head and weapon to weapon before taking it back to the ring and trading blows.  Dunn spilled outside and Knox instantly seized the advantage, locking in the Fort Knox on Invincible.

Dunn broke the hold before Invincible could tap, flipping Invincible over the top rope and onto the ground below and then he followed him outside with a plancha.  Knox then furthered the damage done with a wild flip onto his opponents from the top rope!

Knox set up a table in the ring but missed putting Invincible through it, who came back at Knox by slingshotting him head-first into the table and busting him wide open!

DD interjected himself into the fight in the ring, momentarily escaping Dunn, but as Deluxeo lifted Knox to his shoulders awaiting a move from Invincible, The One attacked from behind and shoved Knox into Invincible, who was able to hook onto Invincible and hit the Electric Chair.

Dunn then followed up on the carnage with an elbow drop from the top, but his momentum didn’t last as Deluxeo regained his feet, attacking left, right and centre, even attacking the ref before doing dubious things to the ref’s head.

Dunn and Invincible spilled outside, going at it with a variety of weapons, while Knox set his sights on Deluxeo.  And while DD lay in a shopping trolley on the receiving end of a barrage of blows from the champ, Dunn was sent through a table thanks to a flying leg drop over the top rope from Invincible!

The four men continued the brutality on the outside, using any weapon from the plethora of options to pummel the daylights out of their opponents.  Taking it to the ring Knox went for the Knox Out on Vinny, who scouted the move and quickly evaded, but wound up the victim of a quick slam from the champ for two.

Dunn came back at the Knox with a chair, while XS went at each other on the outside, but DD escaped and entered the ring, going wild on Dunn and Knox, going for the pin on the champ, but Dunn was able to break the count in time.

DD then locked in the Sleeper on Knox and things weren’t looking good for the champ, but then Dunn broke the hold who was then locked into the Sleeper himself.  Invincible intercepted with a chair before any more damage could be done, but his chair then got used by Dunn to hit the Coast to Coast on Knox!

Invincible saw the opening and got the two count on Knox, but then Dunn got back at him with a quick roll up for a two count of his own.  Knox then regained his feet, throwing the chair into the head of The One.

Knox then went for a leg drop off the top but Dunn evaded and DD entered the ring hitting a short clothesline on The One, who came back at him with a huge slam.  Invincible, on the outside, laid Knox out on a table, choking the champ out while Dunn hauled a ladder into the ring.

DD caught Dunn on the ladder, the pair battling it out on the top, before Deluxeo spilled off the ladder and Dunn hit a huge elbow drop off the ladder to Knox on the table below.

XS then threw a volley of blows at each other in the ring before Invincible hauled out the thumbtacks and scattered them over the mat and body dropped Deluxeo into them despite his best efforts to fight out of it.

Invincible then went for a moonsault off the top but DD moved and Invincible landed smack dab in the middle of the thumbtacks, and then he was caught by Knox who hoisted him to his shoulders and twirled him into the Knox Out right into the thumbtacks again, and the three count was made with Dal Knox retaining his IPW NZ Heavyweight Championship at Nightmare Before Xmas 6!

Full results for IPW NBX 6:

  • Six Person Inter-Gender Tag
    Evie, Alita Capri & “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T def. JPE & The New Vogue starring "Handsome" Danny Jacobs & Britenay feat. Paul Starr
    Emotions were charged between the two teams with Evie and Alita getting the best of Jacobs at one point, but the dominating power of JPE and the double-teaming of Britenay and Jacobs with Britenay using HDJ as a weapon seemed to even the playing field.  In the end all hell broke loose with JPE attacking Alita on the outside while Evie rolled up Jacobs with a sunset flip for the win!

  • Joseph Kinkade’s Stretch Muffler Challenge
    Kinkade successfully forced another fan to tap out, but the NZ Dream came to the rescue and then accepted Gary O. Davis’ challenge to a match.

  • Joseph Kinkade w/ Gary O. Davis def. The NZ Dream
    Just when all looked good for the Dream, Kinkade distracted the ref and Davis hit the NZ Dream in the leg with his cane and Kinkade took the opportunity to lock in the Stretch Muffler.  Unable to escape, the Dream was forced to tap out.

  • “The Ex-Patriot” Alfred Valentine w/ Flagboy def. A Class
    Valentine dominated for much of the match, but two missed 450 Splashes took their toll and A Class came back at Valentine with the Head Scissors.  He looked all set to finish things when a distraction by Flagboy gave Valentine the opening to roll him up to take the victory.

  • Elimination Eight Man Tag
    Team IPW Emerald Justice & Pirates And Ninjas Are Totally Awesome def. Team PWE Jon E. King, The Machine & Saint Chaos w/ Justin Lane
    The stipulation was made that if Team PWE lost the match, Jon E. King would instantly be stripped of his IPW Commissionership and before the bell could even ring all hell broke loose in a wild brawl, finishing with a huge moonsault off the top by Link van Haggard to PWE below.
    The Machine was the first eliminated, quickly followed by Pirate Burns.  A spinning corkscrew by Link van Haggard eliminated Curt Chaos next, but van Haggard was the next to go when he got a Silencer Superkick to the head by Jon E. King.
    Brian Saint James was then disqualified, leaving King to face down the combined force of Liger and Ninja Fury.  Liger was quickly forced to tap when King locked in a submission hold and it was down to two men.  King missed a moonsault and Fury was able to hit a hurricanrana DDT, but he took too long following up and got caught on the ropes.  He came back at King with a flurry of headbutts that sent him flying off the ropes, and Fury hit a huge 540 Splash to take the win and evicting Jon E. King as IPW Commissioner.

  • Mischa Vladimir Ivanoff def. The Fire Ant
    Mischa looked to have effectively grounded the Fire Ant, locking in a draining submission hold, but Ant regained his momentum with high flying moves.  A distraction gave Vladimir the opportunity to spit vodka into Ant’s face, effectively blinding him and a flipping headlock off the ropes put Ant down for the three.

  • IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
    Fans Bring The Weapons Fatal Four Way

    "The Deal" Dal Knox (c) def. "The One" Vinny Dunn, Jordan Invincible and Double D Davey Deluxeo
    The Deal hit the Knox Out on Invincible into thumbtacks to take the win and retain!

Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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