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NZWPW BDTH: D-Hoya keeps Rufguts out
Written by David Dunn   
Feb 13, 2009 at 11:47 PM

D-Hoya defeated Rufguts via submission at Bringing Down the HouseD-Hoya added a new submission manoeuvre to his arsenal when he forced Rufguts to tap out in the middle of the ring during the main event of Bringing Down the House. As such, Rufguts will not be added to the NZWPW Championship match at Power Play 6 in April.

The match began with a lock-up and both men swapping basic holds. Surprisingly Rufguts swept D-Hoya’s legs from under him but was thrown to the mat after Hoya nipped back up ready with an arm drag. In a test of strength the two traded covers on the mat but neither could get more than a quick two, so Rufguts tripped D-Hoya as he was getting up and punished him with a modified surfboard.

D-Hoya wriggled his way out of the hold and STO’d Rufguts back into the mat only to get planted there himself with a backdrop driver. Rufguts walked right into a side headlock from D-Hoya and eventually broke it with a borderline groin shot ruled as connecting with the inner-thigh. A yakuza style kick from Rufguts almost broke Hoya’s ribs, and he crumpled to the mat. Referee Little Joker came to the ring at switched places with referee Jase (both had been injured over the course of the night) as Rufguts tried to damage Hoya’s midsection further with three senton splashes. He was unable to connect with the third though and the NZWPW Champion began to build some momentum after surviving a powerslam.

Rufguts ate nothing but turnbuckle as he tried to crush D-Hoya in the corner and smashed his shoulder into the ring post on a second attempt. Hoya tripped Rufguts and put him in a hammerlock while leg-scissoring his head at the same time but was forced to break at the ropes. A baseball slide kept Rufguts in pain on the mat for a cartwheel splash and a big knee drop to his left arm. Rufguts tried to shake D-Hoya off with a swinging side slam but had it countered into the same hammerlock/leg-scissors from before.

Rufguts pulled himself under the bottom rope and regrouped on the outside for a moment before re-entering the ring and peppering D-Hoya with some hard shots. With D-Hoya down on the mat, Rufguts removed one of the turnbuckle covers before drilling Hoya with a massive brainbuster. Rufguts took a breather and followed up with a sidewalk slam.

D-Hoya pulled himself back to his feet in the corner and Rufguts rushed in for a shoulder block. Hoya skilfully stepped away though and left Rufguts to plough his already injured arm straight into the exposed turnbuckle! Rufguts staggered back in pain and D-Hoya tripped him while locking in a hammerlock. The leg-scissors secured Rufguts in position and Hoya pulled back on the arm just right to force Rufguts to tap out, taking him out of the main event at Power Play 6.

Infinite Avalanche were given a final chance to appear or they would risk having the NZWPW Tag Team Championship retired - yet it was Hazardous and Hoakxz who failed to show up.

Adam Avalanche took to the ring with both belts over his shoulders and proclaimed himself capable of representing the division on his own. Avalanche gave anyone who disagreed an opportunity to let him know, and Axl prowled to the ring. In a bizarre turn of events both men stepped between the ropes and the bell rang to signify the start of an historic NZWPW Tag Team Championship match!

Adam Avalanche defeated Axl via disqualification at Bringing Down the HouseThe bout was short-lived though as “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate and O’Siris from the Circus of Tragedy stormed into the ring with a steel chair aimed straight at Avalanche to cause a disqualification. Adam tried to take down all three men but couldn’t win the numbers game. The NZWPW Tag Team Champion hit Axl with the Wave of the Avalanche after “Dream Catcher” accidentally blasted Axl with the chair, but even then he couldn’t stay in control for long. O’Siris and Woodgate pummelled Avalanche before picking up his tag team titles and taking them to the back.

Avalanche revived from the beat down and quickly realised he was going to be heading backstage without his most prized possessions. Referee Little Joker informed Avalanche that his belts had been stolen by the Circus of Tragedy and was given a Mile High power bomb from the enraged Avalanche who stormed backstage in pursuit of his titles.

The NZPWI People’s Choice Awards struck a raw nerve with Misty, who was voted NZ’s third-best female wrestler (behind IPW’s Britenay and KPW’s Hollie). With her opponent, MacBeth, out of action for the night Misty let everyone in the audience know she felt robbed by the awards and issued an open challenge to any female wrestler in the country. Matariki stepped up to let Misty know she would be willing to face her somewhere down the line, in preparation for any of the matches that could arise from Misty’s proposal. Will anyone accept Misty’s challenge and meet her in the ring?

NZWPW Bringing Down the House Results:

  • Kamystery def. Zodiak
    Zodiak crushed Kamystery with a clothesline in the corner, and looked to double up with another on the other side of the ring. Kamystery scouted the shot though and springboarded from the middle rope into a roll-up that caught Zodiak off guard for a three count.

  • Adam Mystique def. Night Stalker
    The two trainees from Blenheim’s Southern Championship Wrestling locked up in a clash of styles. Night Stalker looked impressive in his debut outing, taking control of the match with his power moves. Stalker picked Adam Mystique up in a fireman’s carry ready to finish the match, but the resilient Mystique countered into a tornado DDT and made the cover to win his second match in an NZWPW ring.

  • El Montana def. Axl via disqualification
    Axl’s Circus of Tragedy team-mate, O’Siris, came to the ring mid-way through the match and offered Axl his chain. “The Omen” had been doing well in the bout, but was unable to pin Montana after a huge chokeslam, so accepted the chain and began choking out Montana in the corner. Referee Jase failed to call for a disqualification but was superkicked in the face anyway, leaving Little Joker on commentary to end the match via DQ.

  • Ben Mana & Tyakde def. The Circus of Tragedy (“Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate & O’Siris)
    The Circus managed to isolate Ben Mana from his behemoth partner, Tykade, by faking tags behind referee Little Joker’s back. O’Siris saved Woodgate from a Mana Slam too with a timely distraction that allowed “Dream Catcher” to low-blow his way to safety. Mana was eventually able to make the tag though and Tykade dished out his share of punishment. Ben Mana blind tagged his way back into the match and planted “Dream Catcher” with a Mana Slam while Tykade hit O’Siris with the Game Over to end the match.

  • Dan “The Man” Stirling def. CD
    CD returned to action after a lengthy absence against fellow NZWPW veteran Dan Stirling. CD rallied the crowd behind him and kept Dan on the mat for most of the match, coming dangerously close to taking the win after a shining enzuigiri followed by his patented silent elbows. Stirling made sure to kick out of the cover though and took the win after scouting CD’s attempt at The Sack and turning it into a Dan Driver.

  • NZWPW Tag Team Championship
    Adam Avalanche (c) def. Axl via disqualification

    In a bizarre first the NZWPW Tag Team Championship was defended in a one-on-one match after neither Infinity nor Infinite Avalanche’s scheduled opponents, Hazardis and Hoakxz, managed to appear. Avalanche brought both belts to the ring and bragged that he could represent the tag team division on his own. Axl interrupted him, and just like that a title match began. The bout didn’t last more than a minute though before the Circus of Tragedy swarmed the ring and beat Adam down with a chair. Avalanche tried to fight the three men off but the numbers game was too much and the Circus left with his belts. Avalanche gave referee Little Joker a Mile High powerbomb after realising the titles had been stolen.

  • D-Hoya def. Rufguts
    D-Hoya successfully locked Rufguts out of the Power Play 6 main event when he locked in an intense version of a hammerlock combined with a leg-scissors on Rufguts’ head, forcing the burly ex-rubbish man to tap out in the middle of the ring.
Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

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