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Breaking Point: Knox victorious; Lil T new South Pacific Champ!
Mar 22, 2009 at 12:26 PM

“The Deal” Dal Knox went into the main event at Breaking Point this Saturday at Westlake Boys High with a score to settle, and he came out of the match with mission accomplished, a victory over The Machine and the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship still around his waist!

Knox quickly saw that power wouldn’t work against the Machine so went to work with intense chops, blows and kicks to bring the big man down.

But he got caught by the PWE enforcer, who then proceeded to dominate, using his larger size to his advantage.  The Machine distracted the ref and Justin Lane pattered his hands on Knox in a semblance of attack.

Machine then headed up the ropes and splashed down on the champ, who rolled outside and got introduced head first to the ring steps.  Machine broke the count and continued to assault the champ until Knox dodged a charge and the Machine rammed himself straight into the steel ring post!

It was Knox now back in control of the match, beating the chest of The Machine with chops.  The Machine attempted a come back, but missed with his splash off the second rope, and in the process hurt his knee, which went out from under him when he attempted a suplex.

Knox then focused his attack on the knee of his opponent, hitting a leg drop from the top before locking in Fort Knox.  Justin Lane distracted Knox and he broke the hold, giving Machine the chance to hit a huge suplex for two.

But the challenger then missed with the elbow from the second rope and Knox nailed him with a body slam for two.  Knox then got caught on the top, but fought his way free and hit the Surf Highway from the top rope to take the win, gain revenge and keep his IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship!

Also, after “The One” Vinny Dunn  explained that the South Pacific Championship could now be defended in house, he declined to get in the ring with Jon E. King, instead citing there was a more worthy contender for the South Pacific Championship, Dunn replaced himself in the match with “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T, with The One as the Special Guest referee!

An irate Jon E. King was thrown off his game at the start of the match and Lil T was able to come at him at full speed hitting dropkicks and flying clotheslines.  He scored a quick hurricanrana for two, but then got caught coming off the ropes in an attempted splash, and King hit him with a suplex for two.

King then dominated, pulverising Lil T against the ring apron, before a brutal kick to the head put T down and out.  King had words with Dunn when he only counted T down for one.

Lil T regained his senses and fought his way back off the ropes, hitting a flying clothesline from the top for two.  A snap suplex and a side slam earned the contender another two, but King countered Lil T off the ropes into a tilt-a-whirl slam.

Dunn blocked King from smashing T into the turnbuckle that had been earlier exposed by Justin Lane, so a frustrated King went outside and grabbed a chair while Dunn’s back was turned.  

T dodged the chair shot and hit Spin the Mic, but a distraction meant the count wasn’t made and King hit back with his devastating Silencer Superkick.  King then hoisted T onto h is shoulders, once again looking to use the exposed turnbuckle.

Lil T managed to wriggle his way free, and it was King who hit the exposed metal and a quick roll up earned Lil T the victory and his first ever South Pacific Championship!

Post-match: The One challenged King to a Best of Five series, which he accepted.

Full results for IPW Breaking Point 2009:

  • South Pacific Championship
    “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T def. Jon E. King w/ Justin Lane
    An exposed turnbuckle turned against King and a quick roll up gave T the victory and the belt!

  • The NZ Dream def. Mischa Vladimir Ivanoff
    It was the Dream in control early on in the match after he unleashed a fast paced flurry of offence, but it wasn’t long before Ivanoff focused his attack on the heavily taped knee of the Dream. But it wasn’t long before he came back at Ivanoff, laying into him with fists before hitting a reverse DDT to take the victory.

  • Top Tag Team Tournament match
    XS w/ Megan Kate Deluxeo def. Saint Chaos
    Saint Chaos double teamed Invincible and took the early advantage, but the match momentum shifted as XS continued to bicker and play a game of one-upmanship, taking turns to dominate Saint Chaos.  A neckbreaker off the ropes by Invincible to Brian Saint James took him down, but Invincible then missed with a moonsault off the top.  The match turned into a brawl on the outside where XS got back inside the ring on the count of 9, leaving them to take the victory via count out to win one point.  Post-match: Davey Deluxeo left his partner to suffer and attack at the hands of Saint Chaos.

  • Taped Fists match
    “Samoan Silverback” Alexander def. “The Ex-Patriot” Alfred Valentine w/ Flagboy
    Both men punted fists at each other and quickly learned that fist to fist was really quite painful.  Alexander then went wild on Valentine, mashing his head against the ring barricade, dominating Valentine with brutal blows and pure power, keeping the Ex-Patriot down for several counts, but not quite the full ten needed to win.  Valentine tried to fight back but a brutal piledriver put him down once again.  Another hard-hitting move by Alexander finally kept Valentine down for the ten to give him the win.
    Post-match: Alexander force-fed Valentine coconut milk through a funnel.

  • Apology
    At the command of interim IPW Commissioner, Kit Bullion, Savage Beast was asked to offer a formal apology to A-Class for the unwarranted attack on him in Whangarei.  Instead of an apology Savage Beast attacked A-Class, then cut his own hair while speaking very clear and fluent English in a tirade at the crowd!

  • JPE vs. Alita Capri – No Contest
    Alita’s speed and agility confounded JPE in the early portion of the match, but the power and pure dominance of the Wicked Bitch of the West came through and she proceeded to take control.  JPE got distracted by the crowd and Alita was able to get her breath back and come back with two hurricanranas followed by a splash off the top.  JPE hit back with a slam, followed by the Evil Elbow and looked to be putting the finishing touches on the match, when Britenay, at the commentary desk, rang the bell, with “Handsome” Danny Jacobs capering behind her.  The pair took off with JPE chasing them out and the ref, utterly confused, called the match a no contest.

  • The Fire Ant def. Flagboy
    A fast-paced battle at the start to establish advantage ended when Flagboy clutched in a choke hold, finally slowing the Ant down.  Flagboy dropped Ant neck-first into the ropes before springboarding onto him, but it wasn’t enough to keep Ant down who took Flagboy down with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker to take the victory.

  • Top Tag Team Tournament match
    Pirates and Ninjas Are Totally Awesome vs. Emerald Justice – time limit draw
    It was a competitive match up between the two fan favourites, with van Haggard and Fury coming at each other with fast paced intensity, taking risky moves with ease and the pair countering and dodging each other.
    Emerald Justice isolated Ninja Fury, working tags and double teams until Fury finally got the tag to Pirate Burns and it was Liger’s turn to get beaten on.  Fury took Liger down with a huge double knee drop to the chest from the top.  Liger got the tab, but double teams by the Pirate and Ninja made mincemeat of van Haggard, and while Fury missed the Shooting Star Press in the ring, Liger attacked Burns on the outside and then attacked Fury.
    Burns interrupted the count but he and Liger spilled outside into a brawl while Fury went back up to the top to hit the Shooting Star Press.  Liger intercepted, but Burns took him out, but the interruption gave van Haggard the chance to regain his feet and he hit the Spanish Fly on Fury for two.
    Fury caught van Haggard up top and hit a hurricanrana standing off the top rope, but Link got to his feet up and Fury hit them as he came down with the Shooting Star Press.
    Fury and Haggard traded blows in the ring while Burns and Liger fought on the outside, and the ref called for the bell and ruled the match a time limit draw, meaning neither team earned any points.

  • Apology
    Kit Bullion called for a second apology for actions taken from the Whangarei show, this time from “Handsome” Danny Jacobs due to his attack on Evie leaving her out with a neck injury.  Jacobs gave a “sincere” apology avoiding a four month ban from action, but Jacobs was then forced to either beat Les West in a match or be banned from action for one month!

  • The New Vogue starring “Handsome” Danny Jacobs, featuring Paul Starr & Britenay def. Les West
    HDJ took West unprepared, but West fought back with hard-hitting clotheslines and blows.  An attack by Britenay while the ref was distracted gave the cocky Jacobs back the advantage.  Jacobs went outside to join Paul Starr, distracting the ref once again while Britenay laid into Les West once again.  Jacobs re-entered the ring and with the derriere aired hit the Disease of the Dancing Cats.  Jacobs then attempted to kiss the ref, distracting him again while Britenay got in another attack on West from the outside.  A quick roll up earned Les two, but the ref turned his back and once again Britenay was in there, doing the damage.  Jacobs got caught sitting on the ropes, but Starr and Britenay distracted the ref and Jacobs hit the Greedy Fly to take the victory.

  • IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
    “The Deal” Dal Knox def. The Machine
    Knox hit the Surf Highway to keep the PWE Enforcer down for three!
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