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New Tag Champs at The Bay Bash!
Written by David Dunn   
Nov 02, 2009 at 02:44 PM

JC Star and Travis Banks are the new NZWPW Tag Team Champions, defeating Adam Avalanche and Ben Mana in the main event of The Bay Bash on Friday to take the titles and force Avalanche into retirement at the same time!

Star managed to moonsault his way to a win against The Circus of Tragedy in the first #1 contenders’ tournament semi-final of the night, while Corey Dallas and Rufguts brutalised their opponents (Mikey Rave and Kid Caprice) in the second, leading to a massive tournament final with the same four men who were involved in NZWPW’s Right 2 Challenge match in August.

As in the fatal four way, Rufguts and Corey Dallas slapped and slammed to dominate their lighter opponents, while Banks and Star took to the air for high-flying dives and flung their opponents over their heads with T-bone and German suplexes. In the heat of the battle, Rufguts dragged JC Star out of the ring and began beating him around the ringside area, unaware that Travis Banks was actually the legal man. When Rufguts failed to enter the ring in ten seconds, he was counted out to allow Banks and Star to advance to the NZWPW Tag Team Championship match!

Rufguts was irate that he and Corey Dallas were not challenging for the titles though, and tried to injure JC Star with a scoop slam on the unprotected floor after the match had ended.

As such, Travis Banks was forced to begin the NZWPW Tag Team Championship match with Adam Avalanche & Ben Mana, Manalanche, without a partner.

Avalanche & Mana set about methodically taking Banks apart, stomping him on the mat and crushing him with massive splashes, before eventually hitting him with the Wave of the Avalanche and the Mana Slam. The champs weren’t willing to end the match yet though (it’s not over until Adam Avalanche says it’s over) and refused to cover Travis Banks.

The cocky move from Manalanche worked against them though as JC Star hobbled out from backstage to help his tag team partner. Avalanche tried to cut Star off as he climbed to the ring apron, but JC hurried through the ropes and blasted Adam with a Starstruck Superkick to send him crashing out of the ring to the floor.

Ben Mana turned his attention to JC Star too and was also hit with a Superkick, which sent him stumbling right into Travis Banks’ Lion Clutch! With the ropes too far away and Banks unlikely to release the hold, Mana tapped out to make Banks & Star the new tag team champions!

Adam Avalanche had vowed to quit NZWPW if he were to lose a match as tag team champion, but didn’t feel like keeping his word when questioned by the ring announcer after the match - slamming the referee and Ben Mana instead. Regardless of Avalanche‘s change of heart, NZWPW’s CWO has made the call that a promise is a promise, and subsequently released Adam Avalanche from the NZWPW roster.

NZWPW The Bay Bash Results:

  • NZWPW Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament Semi-Final:
    JC Star & Travis Banks def. The Circus of Tragedy

    “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate stunned Banks with his Dream Dust, but was unable to finish Travis. Banks eventually tagged in JC Star, while Woodgate brought Osiris into the match, where he was eventually put away by a moonsault from Star.

  • NZWPW Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament Semi-Final:
    “The Ideal Experience” Corey Dallas & Rufguts def. Mikey Rave & Kid Caprice

    Dallas & Rufguts bloodied their rookie opponents early in the match, and continued to beat down the young wrestlers until they were sure they had sent a message and mercifully finished the match.

  • Axl def. The Nerd
    The Nerd smartly tried to work over Axl’s legs during the match and neutralise his height advantage, but Axl was still able to knock Nerd down with a big boot. Axl then picked him up and drove him into the mat with Darkness Falls to leave Titahi Bay with a win.

  • The Caprice Sisters def. Misty & Stella Hammer
    Misty and Stella looked as though they would be taking the win until The Nerd made his way to the ring with a bunch of flowers for Misty. Confused an annoyed, Misty took her attention off of Carmella to try and chase The Nerd away, but was rolled up in the process to give the Caprice Sisters the win! After the match, Misty slapped Nerd for costing her the match, and was given a spin on Nerd’s ROFLcopter!

  • NZWPW Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament Final:
    JC Star & Travis Banks def. “The Ideal Experience” Corey Dallas & Rufguts via count-out

    Rufguts and JC Star found themselves in a wild brawl outside of the ring, with Rufguts and Travis Banks being the legal men. The referee began to count Rufguts out, and he was unable to get back into the ring before the count of ten, letting Banks & Star advance to the NZWPW Tag Team Championship match!

  • Tykade def. Chad Howard and Dan “The Man” Stirling
    Chad Howard tried his best to stay out of the match and let Dan and Tykade wear each other out, but was eventually pinned by Tykade after the Lights Out.

  • NZWPW Championship:
    X-Rated def. D-Hoya (c) via disqualification

    X-Rated pushed D-Hoya to his limit in a competitive match that was eventually brought to a premature end when Rufguts made his way to the ring. Worried that he could be using his Right 2 Challenge, D-Hoya went to confront Rufguts, who slapped X-Rated across the face! Rufguts’ deliberate outside interference cost D-Hoya the match and gave X-Rated a disqualification win. Angry that he hadn’t been able to win the NZWPW Championship, X-Rated struck D-Hoya from behind and left the champ laying in the ring as he headed backstage.

  • NZWPW Tag Team Championship:
    JC Star & Travis Banks def. Adam Avalanche & Ben Mana (c)

    After wrestling most of the match on his own, Travis Banks was able to force Ben Mana to tap to the Lion’s Clutch following a Starstruck Superkick from JC Star! Adam Avalanche, who had vowed to quit if he lost the match, attacked both Ben Mana and the referee after the decision. A promise is a promise though, according to the NZPW CWO, and Adam Avalanche is no longer a part of the NZWPW roster.
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