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NBX7: The One new IPW Champion!
Dec 13, 2009 at 10:18 AM

In the scattered debris of the aftermath of a brutal Fans Bring the Weapons match at Westlake Boys High was the shattered body and shattered dreams of Joseph Kinkade as “The One” Vinny Dunn climbed to ascendency to become the new IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion at Nightmare Before Xmas 7!

The match got off to a grappling start, both men intensely focused on each other.  Dunn ran into the interference of Gary O. Davis and Mischa Ivanoff each time he left the ring, the strategy of his opponent quickly becoming apparent.

A clothesline put Kinkade outside and Dunn followed, and the weapons, kindly provided by the fans, were finally put into use.  Dunn went to work pulverising Ivanoff and the champ with a variety of weapons, wood and wreckage everywhere.

A bloodied Ivanoff unleashed on Dunn while Kinkade recovered from the One’s onslaught, but the challenger battled his way back, knocking down Ivanoff and then Gary O. Davis.

The distraction allowed Kinkade enough time to come back on the attack, but it wasn’t long before Dunn turned it around on him, going for the Muscle Buster.  Kinkade fought out and hit a massive running powerbomb on the outside.

Back to the ring and Kinkade covered for two, he then sent Dunn flying over the ropes, but he held on and skinned the cat back in and hit a dropkick on the champ to send him flying to the outside instead, followed by a plancha over the top to take Kinkade off his feet.

The One then chased Ivanoff and Davis with weapons flying, and headed back to the ring to hit a flying dropkick off the top for two, followed by the Muscle Buster for another two.  

Kinkade fought back with some pins of his own, before the two men criss crossed and Kinkade rolled through a pinning predicament to lock in the Stretch Muffler.  The hold was broken with a pinning attempt and while the One recovered his feet, Ivanoff had used the time to undo the top rope from the ring post.

Kinkade grabbed the dangerous-looking ring pin and trying to maim Dunn with it, but the One fought back and grabbed the pin for his own weapon, looking to do damage to the champ, whipping at the back of Kinkade.

Ivanoff attacked Dunn, but he scouted the attack and sent Ivanoff flying over the two remaining ropes and through a table covered in thumb tacks and a light tube, putting Ivanoff’s interference in the match to an explosive end.

Kinkade and Dunn faced off in a flurry of blows, Kinkade also now a bloodied mess.  Dunn grabbled a ladder and climbed to the top, hitting a huge elbow from the top, but his cover was interrupted by Davis.  Dunn took to Davis with his own helmet, pummelling him out of the match.

Kinkade had used the distraction time to put together a table and ring steps and he hauled Dunn to his shoulders and started climbing the ring steps.  Dunn fought his way out and grabbed Kinkade up into the Muscle Buster, climbed the ring steps and put Joseph Kinkade through the waiting table and covered for three, and “The One” Vinny Dunn became the first Triple Crown champion and the new IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion!

Full results for Nightmare Before Xmas 7:

  • Jon E. King def. The NZ Dream
    King pulled a concealed weapon from his tights and wrapped it around his fist, and when he missed the Silencer Superkick he clocked Dream with the concealed weapon and took the victory.
  • Pirate Burns vs. The New Vogue starring A Class featuring Paul Starr
    Burns entered the ring with Ninja who then attacked him with a neckbreaker, and the Ninja was revealed to be “Handsome” Danny Jacobs.  The real Ninja Fury interrupted and chased HDJ from ringside.
    On his third attempt, A Class took Burns down with the Scissors Kick but was reluctant to get a victory for his employers, the New Vogue.  Paul Starr, by this point irate, hit A Class and the interference cost Pirate Burns the matching, giving the victory to A Class by DQ.
    Post-match: IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken made the match between Ninja Fury and “Handsome” Danny Jacobs.
  • Nightmare Battle Royal
    2010 Contract match
    A late entrant to the match, a towering monster of a man accompanied to the ring by Justin Lane, cleaned house to win a contract with IPW.
  • Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T def. “The Strong-Style Supervillain” Liger
    Liger choked out Lil T and refused to break the hold, giving Lil T the victory by DQ.
  • 8 Man Elimination Tag
    “The Ex-Patriot” Alfred Valentine, The Antagonist, Flagboy and Saint Chaos def. The Xtreme Superstars & Kazuki w/ Megan-Kate Deluxeo
    Kazuki was the first to be eliminated by a double-team by the Antagonist and the fortunately endowed Alfred Valentine, but it was back to even stevens when Dils Deluxeo took out Curt Chaos.  The match broke down into a wild melee and Dils was counted out, and Jordan Invincible then fell victim to a sneaky pin by Valentine.
    Davey Deluxeo was then left in a 4 on 1 predicament, with Flagboy joining the match.  He wasn’t there long as he was the next eliminated, followed by the Antagonist and then Valentine who fell victim to the Sleeper.  Brian Saint James put an end to Double D’s luck, however, hitting the Silver Spoon to claim the victory for his team.
  • Ninja Fury w/ Pirate Burns def. The New Vogue starring “Handsome” Danny Jacobs featuring Paul Starr & Britenay
    Paul Starr distracted the ref while Jacobs dominated Fury, who hit HDJ in the balls and then went to the top and took HDJ down with the Shooting Star Press for the win.
  • Mixed Tag Team match
    Alita Capri & Les West def. JPE & The Waipukurau WarriorWhile Alita attacked the Waipukurau Warrior on the outside Les West went to work on JPE, hitting a brutal neckbreaker variation to get the victory.
  • Extreme Makeover match
    Evie def. The New Vogue starring Britenay featuring Paul Starr & “Handsome” Danny Jacobs
    HDJ and Paul Starr were kicked out from ringside when A Class deliberately pushed the ref too far to get them removed, and left on her own, Britenay didn’t fare too well, despite getting some makeup on Evie, it was Evie who got all three makeup applications to the face of Britenay, giving her the Extreme Makeover and ending the feud in her favour once and for all!
  • IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
    Fans Bring the Weapons match

    “The One” Vinny Dunn def. “The Professional” Joseph Kinkade w/ Gary O. Davis & Mischa Ivanoff
    A Muscle Buster through a table put an end to the championship reign of Joseph Kinkade and a new champion was crowned!
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