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Genesis: The era of DeJong begins
Written by Luke Farmer   
May 31, 2010 at 06:00 PM

A chill was in the air as “The One” Vinny Dunn both retained and lost the IPW Heavyweight championship at Genesis.

“The Samoan Silverback” Alexander showed the crowd that he had the goods to take "Te Tahi" from bell-to-bell but failed to capture the championship after Dunn showed his agility and ring smarts, countering the big man’s spear with a sunset flip to gain the victory.

As Vinny Dunn started to celebrate, Justin Lane interrupted the party with an announcement. Last month when Dunn put out an open challenge for the championship, Alexander wasn’t the only man to sign a contract for a title shot.

A confused Dunn listened as Lane announced that his client, Reuben DeJong had responded to his open challenge, with the championship match happening tonight. The crowd buzzed as Reuben DeJong made his way to the ring for the next championship bout.

Dunn stood head to chest with the 6”10' monster, showing no signs of fear as he unleashed on DeJong.

The champion tried to take the big man down with a series of clothesline attempts, but fell down to a shoulder block. Reuben showed his power, pulling "Te Tahi" from the mat, executing Snake Eyes on the turnbuckle and following it up with a clothesline.

DeJong taunted Dunn, pulling him up by his throat and delivering a devastating double-handed choke bomb! DeJong then covered the Dunn to become the new IPW Heavyweight Champion!

To a chorus of boos from the shocked crowd, Reuben DeJong stood over "Te Tahi’s" motionless body, raising his newly-won championship belt into the air.

Full IPW Genesis results:

  • Saint Chaos def. Kazuki & Link Van Haggard via Pinfall
    Jon E. King made his presence felt taking Kazuki out, allowing Chaos to pick up the victory!

  • A Class def. Jon E. King via Pinfall
    After a ringside distraction caused by Saint Chaos, A Class rolled up the former champion with a schoolboy for the three count.

  • BFF def. JPE & Britenay via Pinfall
    JPE underestimated Evie, falling victim to a series of clotheslines and a big boot to the face. Megan-Kate took care of Britenay in the corner, giving her some “Shattered Dreams”, and Evie nailed JPE with the TTYL (Talk To You Later) for the win.

  • Jordan Invincible destroyed The Antagonist & Flagboy
    Interrupting a promo by “The Ex Patriot” Alfred Valentine, Invincible took no time to destroy both The Antagonist & Flagboy. Flagboy broke a chair over Invincible’s head to no avail and ended up becoming the victim to a thunderous Tiger bomb off the stage through a table!

  • Astro Boy & Rocketman def. “Handsome” Danny Jacobs & Elias via Pinfall
    "Handsome" Danny Jacobs and Elias dominated the match from the bell. The end looked nigh for Rocketman after Elias nailed the Sugar Rush. As Jacobs was about to finish Rocketman off, he unexpectedly rolled him up with a school boy to gain the win!

  • NZ Dream def. Liger via Pinfall
    Liger thought he had a victory out of NZ Dream, lining him up for the Shining Wizard. NZ Dream managed to block it and drop Liger with a bone crunching implant DDT for the win.

  • Miles def. Les West via forfeit
    Les West told the crowd “I cannot do this anymore”, forfeiting the match to Miles.

  • PANATA def. Joseph Kinkade & Mischa Ivanoff via Submission to retain the IPW Tag Team Championship
    Pirate Burns dominated Mischa in the last quarter of the match, capitalizing on a foiled double team move that sent Ivanoff off the top turnbuckle to ringside. Burns nailed a backbreaker on Ivanoff, following it with the Captain's Hook causing Ivanoff to submit.

  • “The One” Vinny Dunn def. Alexander via Pinfall to retain the IPW Heavyweight Championship
    Alexander brought his A-game, giving "Te Tahi" everything in his arsenal. Dunn managed to survive the piledriver and ultimately used his quickness to counter Alexander’s spear with a sunset flip, retaining the championship.

  • Reuben DeJong w/Justin Lane def. “The One” Vinny Dunn via Pinfall to become the new IPW Heavyweight champion!
    Vinny’s heart and determination was not enough to overcome a devastating double handed choke bomb to become the new IPW Heavyweight Champion.
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