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Rival Turf: Dunn gets screwed!
Written by Luke Farmer   
Aug 24, 2010 at 06:00 PM

One of the biggest wrestling shows in New Zealand history kicked off on Saturday night with full force, producing a ton of memorable moments, including one of the most shocking in New Zealand wrestling history. Rival Turf delivered all the goods but will infamously go down in history as the night “The Deal” Dal Knox and IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken screwed “Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn out of the IPW Championship in an epic conclusion to the show.

Despite not being 100%, “Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn wrestled IPW Heavyweight Champion Reuben de Jong in one of the biggest rematches in the company’s history. With the huge crowd in his corner, Dunn exploded in true “Te Tahi” style, unleashing a series of hits and chops to the champion. After a short game of cat and mouse, the 6’10 giant stopped “Te Tahi” in his tracks, knocking Dunn down with a single strike. de Jong demonstrated his brute strength, throwing the challenger around the ring like a sack of potatoes.

The end looked nigh for “Te Tahi” as de Jong beat him into a bloody mess. As a chorus of boos filled the arena, de Jong flaunted his dominance, whippings Dunn’s blood across his chest like a savage animal. Dunn managed to make a small comeback, clotheslining the monster to the outside. The crowd exploded as Dunn performed a suicide dive to the outside, only for de Jong to catch him in mid air. Managing to avoid being thrown into the ring post, Dunn managed to get out of the monster’s grip, throwing him into the ring.  Signalling he was going up top, Dunn continued to bring the pain, hitting de Jong with two missile dropkicks, taking the big man to the ground. As de Jong attempted to regain balance, Dunn exploded with a series of clotheslines, resulting in de Jong being tied up in the ropes. Breaking loose of the ropes, de Jong regained control over Dunn, gorilla-press slamming him from one ring to another!

As Dunn regained himself in the corner, the dominant de Jong charged at the challenger for a massive splash. Using his speed, Dunn got out of the way of the charging bull, forcing de Jong into the corner. Taking full advantage, “Te Tahi” exploded on the champion, delivering two stiff clotheslines knocking the big man to the ground. Capitalizing on the downed monster, Dunn climbed to the top turnbuckle on the opposite corner, flying coast to coast with a huge dropkick, covering the champion for a two count.

With the final moments of the match drawing closer, Referee Matt Wolf got caught in the crossfire of the two titans, getting knocked out in the process. Things took a turn for Dunn, who ended up on the receiving end of a devastating Choke Bomb from de Jong. Insisting that he could provide the champion with help, Justin Lane got into the ring armed with a briefcase. As de Jong held Dunn in place, Lane took a swing with the briefcase but Dunn moved, leaving de Jong to take the full force of the briefcase! Peter Lane then hit the ring, dropping Justin with a vicious headbutt to the crowd’s delight. With the big man down, “Te Tahi” locked on the ankle lock, causing de Jong to tap out. To a thunderous ovation from the crowd, “Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn stood tall, bloodied and exhausted, the new IPW Heavyweight Champion.

The main event of Rival Turf saw the Wellington-based promotion, New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling (NZWPW) enter the ring first to a sour reaction from the Auckland crowd. Chants of “IPW” filled the air as the home team, Team IPW, made their way for the five-on-five showdown.

The match began with both promotions clashing in a massive brawl. Dream-like confrontations commenced as A-Class and Travis Banks engaged in a war, exchanging vicious strikes and roundhouse kicks. NZWPW’s loud-mouthed Chad Howard took to the top rope, only for IPW’s Jon E. King to catch him in mid air and bodyslam him to the crowd’s delight. Former NZWPW champion, Rufguts, found himself on the receiving end of Liam Fury’s chops, only to reverse them and dish out his trademark sumo slaps. One half of the new IPW Tag Team Champions, Lil T, felt the wrath of Adam Avalanche’s Powerbomb as Alexander delivered a neck-snapping Crucifix Powerbomb to JC Star!

One of the most memorable moments inside such a chaotic match was NZWPW’s Travis Banks giving Lil T a brutal chop that broke the sound barrier, busting his chest open and sending him to the mat. In an attempt to steal IPW’s Flag, Chad Howard as blindsided at ringside by “The Samoan Silverback” Alexander, whom threw him into the barrier.

JC Star kept low for most of the match, strategically hiding outside the ring and sneaking into IPW’s ring to steal their flag that was guarded by Jon E. King. In an attempt to steal the flag, JC was stopped in his tracks by a flying clothesline from Lil T, restoring the flag back in place.

Inside the NZWPW ring, it was battle of the tag champions! Travis Banks got a demonstration of Fury’s technical side, feeling the pain after a vicious Tiger Suplex. Directly after, Fury attempted to steal the flag, but Banks sprung up and delivered a German Superplex off the top turnbuckle, flipping Fury in mid air.

Alexander felt his life being choked out of him by Rufguts, as he applied his trademark Claptrap. Saved by his former tag team partner Jon E. King, Alexander regained control of the former NZWPW Champion, giving him a devastating spear.

Fury found himself in another battle with a Tag team champion, this time JC Star! Both men exchanged vicious kicks, with JC Star eventually knocking the Ninja to the mat. Fury rolled out of the way of JC’s moonsault, springing to life and delivering a split-legged moonsault of his own!

With eliminations in NZWPW starting to take its toll, it boiled down to five on two in favour of Team IPW. The dominant IPW team managed to eliminate Adam Avalanche, Chad Howard and Rufguts leaving the two captains, Travis Banks and JC Star, to protect the flag. Just as things looked bad for the Five Star Revolution, PWE’s Brian St James and Curt Chaos hit the ring, attacking Team IPW! Within a couple of seconds, St Chaos eliminated the Tag Team Champions Lil T and Ninja Fury while Jon E. King stabbed IPW in the back, eliminating Alexander before exiting the ring himself.

With the tables turned on IPW, The Five Star Revolution moved in closer on the sole survivor of Team IPW, the Armageddon Cup Champion A-Class.

A-Class showed a lot of heart, attempting to fight off the NZWPW Tag Champions but was quickly overwhelmed. Defenceless, A-Class endured a series of brutal kick shots to the chest and back from both JC Star and Travis Banks. Following a double knee strike from both members of Team NZWPW, A-Class found himself on the shoulders of Travis Banks as they hit their variation of the Doomsday Device. Bank’s covered A-Class, eliminating him as JC Star positioned the IPW flag in their corner.

The punishment didn’t stop there, as the eliminated members of Team NZWPW returned to the ring, continuing a vicious beat down on A-Class. The crowd roared as the new IPW Heavyweight Champion, “Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn, hit the ring. Dunn exploded on members of NZWPW but failed to gain an upper hand, falling victim to a vicious beatdown.

Just as things looked bad for IPW, the crowd erupted with a thunderous ovation as “The Deal” Dal Knox made his return after nearly a year long absence from the ring! Armed with a steel chair, Knox entered the ring as NZWPW retreated to ringside. Taunting NZWPW with the chair, Knox suddenly turned around and nailed Vinny Dunn over the head, knocking him to the mat.

The IPW lockeroom started to spill out from the back, only to be caught in a blockade formed by Team NZWPW. As Knox pummelled Dunn in the ring with the steel chair, IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken made his way to the ring, knocking out referee Matt Wolf, ripping off his referee shirt and calling for an IPW Heavyweight Championship match. A thunderous chorus of boos filled the arena as Knox viciously and continuously beat Dunn with the chair, covering him as McCracken counted to three. 

As the duo stood over Dunn’s lifeless body celebrating, children wept and the crowd showed their disgust vocally. Team NZWPW opened a gap in the barrier, following Knox out of the building as fans tried to attack them on the way out.

IPW Rival Turf Results:
Kazuki, Link Van Haggard, Jesse Astro & Rocketman def. Flagboy, The Antagonist, Elias and "Handsome" Danny Jacobs via pinfall.
A fast paced match that saw Astro and Rocketman showcase their high flying capabilities, performing a suicide dive to Elias and Jacobs early in the match. The ending saw Rocketman and Jesse Astro hit a double splash to Jacobs, getting the win.

Mischa Ivanoff def. The Waipukurau Warrior via submission.
The Waipukurau Warrior was no match for Ivanoff, who unleashed a series of German suplexes. After hitting the DVD, Ivanoff locked in the Stretch Muffler, causing The Waipukurau Warrior to submit. After the match, the fitness guru Justin Decent interupted Mischa's celebrations, offering him a trial of his protein powder. Rejecting the offer, Ivanoff positioned Justin for a DVD. Joesph Kinkade added his two cents to the mix, using his brute stength to lift Ivanoff and Justin up on his shoulders creating a double stack DVD!

IPW Tag Team Championship
Ninja Fury and Lil T def. St. Chaos to retain the IPW Tag Team Championship.

Fury dominated the first half of the bout, exploding on St Chaos with a series of kicks and chops. St James felt the Ninja's wrath as Fury flew through the air and over the barricade in a high risk suicide dive. As St. Chaos regrouped, they gained the numbers game on the lone champion. Just when it looked inevitable that St Chaos was about to become the new tag team champions, Lil T came to Fury's aid, evening the odds. Lil T hit the "Spin the Mic" on St. James as Fury finished him off with the Shooting Star Press to retain the championship.

The BFF & Carmella Caprice def. JPE, Misty and Britenay via pinfall.
Stemming off a special edition of "Handsome Reflections", this interpromotional showdown saw the team of JPE, Misty and Britenay dominate the match early, using Carmella Caprice as their target of choice. The ending saw all of the female talents performing their finishing maneuvers, with Megan Kate picking up the win with a DDT following a modified Bulldog.

Weapon of Choice Match
Liger def. NZ Dream via submission.

Armed with a Singapore Cane, The NZ Dream started the assault on Liger early into the bout, almost breaking the cane in half! After a Jedi-like duel with weapons, Liger managed to gain control of the match, using his Kilikiti bat to injure NZ Dream's leg. The ending saw Liger lock on an innovative Sharpshooter using the Kilikiti bat for leverage, causing a bloodied and bruised NZ Dream to submit.

IPW Heavyweight Championship
"Te Tahi" Vinny Dunn def. Reuben de Jong via submission to become the new IPW Heavyweight Champion.
Following a powerful scoop slam, Dunn locked on an Anklelock grapevine causing de Jong to submit.

Rival Turf Match
Team NZWPW def. Team IPW

With A-Class left alone to protect IPW's flag, Travis Banks & JC Star played the numbers game, eliminating A-Class after performing their variation of the Doomsday Device. JC Star then placed the flag in his team's corner for the win.

IPW Heavyweight Championship
"The Deal" Dal Knox def. "Te Tahi" Vinny Dunn to become the new IPW Heavyweight Champion!

With IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken as the referee, Knox defeated Dunn after beating him unconscious with a steel chair.

Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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