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New Armageddon Cup Champion Crowned
Written by Luke Farmer   
Oct 24, 2010 at 06:00 PM

Day Two kicked off today with the Armageddon Cup gauntlet as the main attraction for the day.

Due to his interference during yesterday’s show, IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken ordered “Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn to promote himself around the expo in order to save his career by the start of session three. McCracken said that he would fire the former IPW Heavyweight Champion if he were unable to draw 500 fans. Despite going out and doing the hard yards with the fans of Armageddon, Dunn was fired at the start of session three.

The Armageddon Cup was on the line in the twenty-one-man gauntlet-styled battle royal in the main event for the Sunday festivities. “Handsome” Danny Jacobs, Dils Deluxeo, Ninja Fury and Jon E. King opened the gauntlet, with Fury and Dils teaming together to assault the alliance of King and Jacobs. Fury worked on King in the turnbuckle, chopping the breath out of King’s chest as Dils attempted to eliminate Jacobs early, though Elias made his presence from ringside felt by preventing any elimination attempt to the Handsome one!

As the minutes ticked down, the first wave of wrestlers emerged from the back as the current Armageddon Cup Champion A-Class entered the ring along with Link Van Haggard, Brian Saint James and Harley! The MMA Machine fired up early as he entered the ring, unleashing a series of sumo-like strikes into the chest of Jon E. King. Unfortunately, A-Class’ hopes of retaining the Armageddon Cup were shattered when King eliminated him first. Frustrated, A-Class tossed the ring steps into the barricade at ringside before making his exit.

As chaos continued inside the ring, the third wave of wrestlers consisting of Curt Chaos, Flagboy, The Antagonist and Just Plain Evil! JPE made her presence felt in the ring, hitting a sidewalk slam on Jon E. King! The fourth wave saw the crazed Mischa Ivanoff, “The Ex Patriot” Alfred Valentine, the Waipukurau Warrior, Liger and Miles enter the ring. Dils Deluxeo showed his brute strength, press slamming Flagboy to the outside, eliminating him. Upset that his Triple Threat partner had been thrown out, The Antagonist attempted to assault Dils from behind. Unaffected, Dils grappled The Antagonist into the air, press slamming him to the outside! The final wave of competitors saw the luchadores Sam the Dancing Yam, Nanoushka Alloy, Halo and everybody’s favourite, the KFC man, Ken Tucky enter the ring. Attired with a KFC bucket for a hat, the luchadore Ken Tucky found himself on the receiving end of a beating from Dils Deluxeo. The international sensation Nanoushka Alloy made a solid debut, eliminating fellow luchadore Sam the Dancing Yam and Ken Tucky, before facing elimination himself courtesy of Mischa Ivanoff.

The final five saw the original wave, Handsome Danny Jacobs, Dils Deluxeo, Ninja Fury and Jon E. King still surviving, along with the luchadore Halo.  Despite Elias doing everything in his power to help keep him in the ring, Fury eliminated “Handsome” Danny Jacobs. As the numbers continued to cut down, King eliminated Dils, clothes lining the 6'4 brute over the rope before eliminating Fury viciously, sending him face first into the floor. With Halo as the last man in his path, King attempted to eliminate the luchadore, throwing him over the rope. Thinking that he had won, King began to celebrate unaware that Halo was holding onto the rope. “Skinning the Cat”, Halo pulled himself back into the ring. King turned around and Halo hit a clothesline, forcing King to the outside to become the new Armageddon Cup champion!

While Halo posed for the crowd, IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken climbed into the ring, ready to award him with the Armageddon Cup. Blatantly mocking Halo to his face, McCracken attempted to give the luchadore the trophy in Spanish. On the ring apron, Peter Lane appeared causing McCracken to question why he was at ringside. With McCracken’s back turned, Halo unmasked to reveal that he was in fact “Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn! Dunn announced that he was no longer fired or suspended as he now had a championship opportunity against “The Deal” Dal Knox. To the crowd’s delight, Dunn knocked McCracken to the mat before posing as the show came to a close!

Session One Quick Results:

  • Halo def. “The Strong Style Super Villain” Liger
  • Link Van Haggard def. Miles w/Luscious
  • Davey Deluxeo w/Dils Deluxeo def. Mischa Ivanoff
  • Ninja Liam Fury def. The Antagonist

Session Two Quick Results:

  • Saint Chaos def. A-Class and Ninja Fury
  • Jon E. King def. Halo
  • Miles def. NZ Dream
  • The BFF and The Kiwi Express def. Handsome Danny Jacobs, Elias, Britenay and Just Plain Evil

Session Three Quick Results:

  • Ninja Fury def. “The Ex Patriot” Alfred Valentine
  • Britenay w/Elias and “Handsome” Danny Jacobs def. Evie w/Megan Kate Deluxeo
    Armageddon Cup Gauntlet
  • “Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn dressed as Halo, eliminated Jon E. King to become the Armageddon Cup champion!
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