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NBX: Blood, Carnage and Gold
Written by Luke Farmer   
Dec 15, 2010 at 02:02 PM

The rowdy crowd at Westlake Boy's High School stood tall as "Te Tahi" Vinny Dunn defeated "The Deal" Dal Knox to become the new Impact Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion!

The name of the match was “Fans Bring the Weapons”, and they did just that. Weapon’s varied from a cucumber to steel chairs, art canvas to bamboo, umbrellas to trash cans, the bloodthirsty crowd packed out the auditorium ready to see one of the years biggest confrontations.

“Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn made a special entrance, performing the haka, attempting to strike fear into the deranged IPW Champion. The bout started with Knox assaulting Peter Lane with a steel chair at ringside, before taunting Dunn on the mic, claiming he was “going to end his career”.

The two locked up into a brawl, which spilled to the outside fast. Dunn began the assault on the champ, taking weapons from the screaming fans at ringside to punish Knox with. The fan’s cheered on as Dunn took boogie boards, trash can lids, baking trays and wooden bats, cracking each weapon violently against Knox’s body in some form.

The tide turned in favor of Knox after Dunn attempted to hit him with a steel chair. Knox put his feet up, forcing the chair back into Dunn’s face. With a sick look on his face, Knox cracked the steel chair over Dunn’s skull, drawing first blood from the challenger.

As blood started to trickle down Dunn’s face, Knox took a chain from the crowd, wrapping it firmly around his hand and drilled it into Dunn’s wound. Returning the action back to the ring, Knox pulled the bloodied Dunn up off his feet.

As the match continued, weapons played a part inside the ring and out. Dunn brought a ladder into the mix, using it as a weapon against Knox. Dunn then exited to ringside, placing a pile of weapons and Knox onto a table. With the crowd firmly behind him, Dunn climbed the ladder inside the ring, throwing his body off the top step, crashing through Knox at ringside!

Dunn looked to have the match won, however Travis Banks, JC Star and Tykade made their way to ringside, assaulting the challenger in the ring to a chorus of boos. As Tykade assaulted Dunn inside the ring, Travis Banks and JC Star set up a pair of tables on the outside. Back on his feet, Knox took advantage of an unconscious Dunn, locking him into the Fort Knox. With the crowd on their feet chanting “Te Tahi!”, Jordan Invincible hit the ring with a steel chair in hand, nailing each member of Team NZWPW in the ring before nailing Knox in the head! Helping Dunn even the playing field, Invincible chased Team NZWPW to the back as the ten count assumed in the ring.

Both men, bloodied and broken, tried to gain composure, firing left and right jabs at each other. Dunn gained the advantage, Irish-whipping the champion into the turnbuckle. Looking to go for a Superplex, Dunn seated the champion in the corner. As Dunn tried to get a grip on Knox, the champion fended him off with a series of strikes. Dunn retreated to the apron of the ring, grappling Knox on the turnbuckle for the muscle buster. Knox tried to power out, striking Dunn but the challenger didn’t let go, hoisting the champion up onto his shoulders and landing the muscle buster through the two tables at ringside!

“IPW” chants filled the hall, as both men lay motionless in pools of broken wood and blood at ringside while Dion McCracken attempted to revive his “perfect champion”.

Both men fought to the world’s end, giving everything their bodies could endure. Knox looked like he had retained the championship after hitting Dunn with a breathtaking Knox Out. Knox went for the cover but Dunn kicked out on two!

Dunn gathered a pile of weapons that littered the ring, placing them in the centre of the ring. Dunn pulled up Knox’s motionless body from the mat, hitting another muscle buster into the centre of the weapon pile to gain the three count to win the IPW Heavyweight Championship.

As the match came to a close, barely standing, Dunn grabbed the mic and thanked those in attendance, dedicating his victory to the fans.

IPW also crowned new tag team champions at Nightmare B4 Xmas!

The Kiwi Express and Saint Chaos had more than they bargained for when IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken interrupted the opening bell. With Team NZWPW and his “perfect champion” Dal Knox at his side, McCracken told Saint Chaos that there was to be “consequences” after their loss at Ground Zero and that this was their last opportunity for the gold. McCracken then added the spice to the mix by changing the match to a triple threat tag team title match with the inclusion of the NZWPW Tag Team Champions, The Five Star Revolution – Travis Banks and JC Star!

The huge match started off with Travis Banks and Davey Deluxeo locking up, showcasing their skills against each other with a series of chain wrestling. Double D managed to get the better of the “Peak of Perfection”, isolating the NZWPW Tag Champion in his corner. Working together as a team, The Kiwi Express continued to isolate Banks in their corner, wearing him down with a series of double team moves.

As the match continued, JC Star found himself in a war against The Kiwi Express. Saint James made the blind tag off of JC’s back as The Kiwi Express through the NZWPW Tag Champion to the outside. As Saint James and Chaos entered the ring, they found themselves with the shorter straw, receiving two atomic drops in unison from the Tag Champions. As the fans rallied behind The Kiwi Express, Davey cracked the skulls of St James and Chaos together sending them into a daze, before throwing them to the outside with a huge double clothesline. From the wings, Banks appeared but was caught in the clutches of Dils, who demonstrated his brute strength by gorilla press slamming him to Saint Chaos at ringside!

The match continued inside the ring with the IPW Tag Champions taking control over Saint James, hitting him with a double flapjack. In his crosshairs, Davey hit a yakuza kick on Saint James, followed by a neckbreaker from Dils for a near three count. Saint James managed to make a comeback enough to tag in Chaos, who reversed an Irish whip from Double D, whipping him into Saint James’ knee. Chaos started to work on Deluxeo, isolating him from Dils.

After a small confrontation between JC Star and Davey, both men clashed after a double clothesline, which started the ten count. Both men crawled slowly to their respective corners, as the crowd grew hot behind them. Together, they made the hot tags to Travis Banks and Dils, who both came in fired up. Dils hit a devastating powerslam to Banks before setting him up for his F-5 finisher. Using his technical prowess, Banks struggled out of the fireman’s carry position, locking Dils into the Lion Clutch submission. With the gold on the line, Dils barely held on as Double D made the save.

The ring turned into a brawl with JC Star superkicking Dils, who was then nailed with the gutwrench neckbreaker from Chaos. Fired up, Davey planted Chaos into the mat with the running DDT before receiving Banks’ trademark “Iron” knee attack. Saint James then Irish-whipped Banks into the corner, following with a clothesline. Banks saw it coming, putting his legs up, but Saint James reversed it, swinging the NZWPW Tag Champion around and hitting the Silver Spoon!

With the referee distracted courtesy of JC Star, Banks climbed onto the ring apron with the IPW Tag Team Championship, nailing Davey in the head with it. Stunned from the belt shot, Saint James hit a devastating lariat to the champion. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Curt draped his arm over Davey for the three count.

Two of the biggest, baddest wrestlers in New Zealand today went head to head in a dream match at NBX. The cocky, egotistical NZWPW Heavyweight Champion Tykade found the 6'10, 140kg Reuben de Jong to be a little more intimidating than he expected, retreating to ringside in the opening moments of the match. The two titans clashed inside the ring, locking up in a powerful grapple with de Jong proving he’s the stronger man. Tykade took the advantage in the match after hitting de Jong with a kick to the gut during a test of strength, allowing the NZWPW Heavyweight Champion to get some early offense in. Looking to bulldoze IPW’s monster, Tykade was stopped in his tracks while attempting a shoulder block takedown as de Jong forced the NZWPW Champion to the mat with a counter.

Tykade showed his power, picking de Jong onto his shoulders while going for the Game Over, however the former IPW Heavyweight Champion powered out, catching Tykade with a huge chokeslam. Reuben looked like he had the match won when another titan emerged from the curtain, entering the ring and assaulting the giant. Standing at about 6'4 and weighing about 160kg, the unknown wrestler hit de Jong with two devastating splashes in the centre of the mat, allowing Tykade to gain the victory.

The beauty and brawn of the IPW and NZWPW Women’s division clashed in the first ever over the top battle royale!

Competing for the bragging rights of “best women’s wrestler” were the talents of Britenay, Alita Capri, Megan-Kate Deluxeo, Evie, Carmella and Rose Caprice, Just Plain Evil, Misty and newcomers Fluorescence Adolescent and Malice Wonder!

After eliminating both JPE and Misty in one foul swoop, Evie joined Britenay as the final two left in the ring. Looking for the win, Britenay attempted to throw Evie over the top. Thinking that she had won the match, Britenay started an early celebration, however, Evie was still in the match, nailing the “baddest bitch in IPW” with a Lou Thez press! Evie took the advantage, whipping Britenay into the turnbuckle. Evie looked to follow up with her trademark cartwheel clothesline but was countered by Britenay who attempted to eliminate the BFF over the top with a back body drop.

Hanging on for her life, Evie started to fight her way back into the ring with a series of strikes, hitting her adversary with the wheelbarrow facebuster! Evie threw Britenay over the top but she held on. After a few near eliminations and struggles, Evie gained the final advantage, Irish-whipping Britenay into the corner and following up with the yakuza kick. With victory in her sights, Evie hit the TTYL, causing Britenay to fall over the top to the outside, gaining the win!

IPW: Nightmare B4 Xmas results:

  • Dark Match
    James Shaw def. Halo via submission – Shaw countered a spinning wheel kick from the masked sensation Halo, locking him into the Stretch Muffler for the win.

  • Ninja Liam Fury def. Jon E. King via pinfall – King looked to have the third confrontation with the help of Pure Wrestling Excellence until the returning Pirate Burns came to the aid of his tag partner. Fury hit a corkscrew moonsault to defeat King. After the match, King showed his respect towards Ninja Fury.

  • Team Silverback (A-Class, Harley and “The Samoan Silverback” Alexander) def. The Triple Threat (Flagboy, The Antagonist and “The Ex Patriot” Alfred Valentine) – A-Class eliminated Flagboy barely minutes into the match with an ankle lock grapevine, Alexander eliminated The Antagonist after a neck breaking piledriver and Harley showed he could fly, landing a diving headbutt to Valentine. “The Samoan Silverback” Alexander finished Valentine off with the Crucifix Powerbomb, making the elimination score 3-0.

  • Fire Mountain def. Rocketman and Jesse Astro – Using a double team combination of Elias’ big boot and Jacobs greedy fly on Rocketman, Fire Mountain picked up the win.

  • 10-Woman Battle Royal
    Evie defeated Britenay via elimination – After a back and forth struggle between the IPW beauties, Evie eliminated Britenay to win bragging rights!

  • IPW Tag Team Championship
    Saint Chaos def. The Kiwi Express and The Five Star Revolution to become the new IPW Tag Team Champions!

  • Jordan Invincible def. Justin Decent in a “No Rules, No Worries Match” – Decent used his patented protein powder to blind Invincible. Though, Invincible dodged a clothesline from Decent “matrix style” before hitting him with the T-Boon drop. After the match, The Five Star Revolution attacked Invincible, causing him to be carried from the ring.

  • "Fans Bring the Weapons" for the IPW Heavyweight Championship
    “Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn w/Peter Lane def. “The Deal” Dal Knox w/Dion McCracken, to become the IPW Heavyweight Champion!


Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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