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Dunn retains gold, McCracken fires 11 at New Year's Bash
Written by Dayna Wall   
Jan 16, 2011 at 06:00 PM

“Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn first retained his spot on the roster after the firing rampage of IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken, and then in a huge Triple Threat match in the main event at New Years Bash he beat the odds when he survived the onslaught of the giant Reuben de Jong and then forced “The Deal” Dal Knox to tap out to retain his IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship!

As the match kicked off, Knox attempted a sneak attack from the outside to little success while Dunn and de Jong locked up in the centre of the ring.  The power of de Jong proved to be more than a match for the champ, and sensing that he was the biggest threat in the match, Knox and Dunn then took turns attacking the giant. 

Knox and Dunn struggled to get de Jong down, and he eventually powered them out of the ring.  Knox then attempted an alliance with “Te Tahi” but Dunn left him high and dry on a charge to the ring, and Knox suffered for it.

A second attempt at an alliance went a little better and the pair launched themselves bodily at de Jong, eventually getting the giant off his feet for the first time in the match.

Knox and Dunn then teamed up to attempt a suplex, but de Jong was having none of it and reversed the move hitting a double suplex on the two.  The giant then unleashed a pulverising attack on his two opponents.

Another double team by Knox and Dunn took de Jong briefly off his feet again, and while the giant was choke-slamming Knox, Dunn went up top and hit a missile dropkick on Knox for a two count.  The dangerous de Jong with his feet firmly underneath him pummelled the champ out of the ring while Knox was on the receiving end of a massive belly to back suplex.

The giant was once again in control of the match, hitting a double side slam on Knox and Dunn before encoring with a double choke-slam, demonstrating the raw power of de Jong.

Just when both his opponents were down and out at the mercy of the giant, Justin Lane, and Alfred Valentine distracted de Jong, calling out their new comrade, the massive Dominique le Force, who entered the ring to face off against Reuben de Jong.

De Jong battled le Force out of the ring and out of the match, leaving Knox and Dunn in contention for the IPW Championship. 

Fired up, the two went for it in an all-out rapid paced attack, grappling for the all-important advantage.  Knox got caught on the ropes by Dunn, who went for the Muscle Buster but the challenger wiggled his way free.  Dunn then escaped the Knox Out and then cinched in the Ankle Lock, but “The Deal” was able to get himself to the ropes.

The champ pulled him off the ropes, keeping Knox bound in the hold.  A timely distraction from Dion McCracken on the ropes broke the hold, but Dunn was wise to their tricks and dodged the attack from behind.

“Te Tahi” then cinched in the Ankle Lock once again, but Knox countered into the Fort Knox.  Another counter saw Knox cinched back into the Ankle Lock in the centre of the ring, and with nowhere to go “The Deal” Dal Knox was forced to tap out and “Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn retained his IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship at New Years Bash!

Post-match: “The Deal” declared “this match never happened,” and he challenged the champ to a match at Coastal Assault in his hometown, the Hibiscus Coast.  “Te Tahi” accepted, but made the match a 30 minute Iron Man match; the first one to be held in New Zealand in over 30 years!

Full Results for IPW New Years Bash 2011:

  • A Class def. Liger
    After a brutal brawl that had both competitors in an even footing, it was the MMA skills of A Class that came to the fore when he locked in a submission hold, forcing Liger to tap out.

  • Neo Justice Double def. Fire Mountain
    Kazuki stopped the two count after “Handsome” Danny Jacobs hit the Greedy Fly.  Elias then went for the Sugar Rush on Kazuki, but the Japanese Warrior evaded.  Fire Mountain then hit the Razor Blade Suitcase on Kazuki, who wasn’t the legal man.  While he and the Man Mountain battled outside, Link van Haggard ducked the charge from an infuriated HDJ and then used a unique pinning combination to steal the victory!

    BFF were then interrupted by newcomer, Pat Schisk whose derogatory rant was interrupted by the Antagonist and Flagboy.  The Antagonist came to the defence of “his woman” and challenged Pat Schisk to a match.

  • Pat Schisk def. The Antagonist
    The Antagonist was the on the receiving end of a series of powerhouse moves from the debutant, but regained his footing and momentum with hurricanrana’s and a 619.  Up top, he missed the moonsault and Pat hit the Big Boot to get his first victory in IPW.

    Alfred Valentine entered as Pat Schisk departed and admonished Flagboy and the Antagonist with BFF looking on.  Valentine introduced Dominique le Force, who disciplined the two members of the Triple Threat at Valentine’s urging. Flagboy and the Antagonist were then dismissed and Valentine turned his creepy attention to BFF, but they were saved by Kiwi Express who then fell victim to the combined force of Valentine and le Force.

  • James Shaw (formerly Mischa Ivanoff) def. Jordan Invincible
    Mischa was interrupted mid rant by Jordan Invincible, who was then in turn interrupted by Mischa once again and Ivanoff challenged him to a match with no weapons.  Mischa then attacked Invincible from behind with a chair, and it was an all out smashfest that in the end had Mischa in the advantage and that’s when he called for the bell, starting the match.

    Mischa took advantage of the wounded Invincible, and despite a valiant effort to fight back, it was all over when Mischa hit the DVD. Mischa then declared that his new name was James Shaw, and punctuated this name change with another DVD on Invincible.

  • Pirate and Ninjas Are Totally Awesome & “The Samoan Silverback” Alexander def. PWE: Saint Chaos & Jon E. King
    PANATA and Alexander had the early advantage, isolating Brian Saint James with double teams and quick tags.  But the Pirate then fell victim to the devious Saint James who tagged in his fellow Tag Team Champ Curt Chaos, and it was PWE who claimed the control of the match. A simultaneous tag put Jon E. King in the ring against Ninja Fury in a reprise of their NBX match, and then Saint Chaos refused to tag Jon E. King and walked away.  King was then Speared by Alexander and then the Ninja hit the Shooting Star Press to seal the victory. Post-match: Saint Chaos beat up Jon E. King, sealing the split of PWE.

  • Dion McCracken interrupted JPE vs. Alita Capri before it began and he called out the entire IPW roster.
  • McCracken declared he was there to push IPW to the forefront and get growth in 2011, and to do that he was going to get rid of the dead weight. He fired; Troy, Miles Davis, Waipukurau Warrior, Lil T, NZ Dream, Joseph Kinkade, Les West, referee Matt Wolf, Astro and Kiwi Express: Dils & Davey Deluxeo. “Handsome” Danny Jacobs was saved by Dal Knox, A Class was retained, Justin Decent was also retained, Rocketman survived, Pirates and Ninjas Are Totally Awesome were split up and are now singles competitors and everyone else is on notice to perform.

  • Loser Gets Fired Match
    JPE def. Alita Capri
    After the rash of firing’s, McCracken made their match a Loser Gets Fired match, putting an incredible pressure on both women to win.  Alita got in the early offence but a brutal onslaught by JPE left Capri barely able to climb to her feet.  Valiantly, Capri attempted to fight back, trading blows with the Evil One, but JPE had too much juice left in her tank and caught Capri mid air and hit the Face of Evil to put an end to Alita Capri’s career in IPW.

  • IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
    Triple Threat Match
    “Te Tahi” Vinny Dunn def. Reuben de Jong & “The Deal” Dal Knox
    Dunn’s Ankle Lock forced “The Deal” Dal Knox to tap out and “Te Tahi” retained at New Years Bash!
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