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WPW Colossus Full Results
Dec 04, 2004 at 04:08 PM

The show began with Dan "The Man" Stirling coming out to explain that he was giving up his shot at the WPW Catchweight Title so that he could take on "The Deal" Del Knox in a tag team match - and that he was giving his shot to a mystery wrestler. The champ himself, X-Rated, came out to confidently predict he'd beat anyone who Stirling selected.

Gold came out accompanied by a new Naki Phulla, as yet unnamed, while The Hype is making his pro wrestling debut here after appearing as a manager for The Saint at October's Eruption. They locked up, and Hype pushed Gold off. Another lockup saw Hype whip Gold to the ropes and turn him inside out with a clothesline. A third lockup saw Gold take control, powerslamming Hype for a two count, then suplexing him for another nearfall. He laid in some punches and chops, but Hype came back with chops of his own, whipping Gold into a corner and hitting a sweet sidekick for two. Gold rallied with a low blow, a seated pedigree variation, then went up top to hit a 450! The Taranaki native made the mistake of showboating before going for the pin, and Hype kicked out at two. Frustrated, Gold went for a chinlock, but Hype made the ropes. Gold then dragged his opponent to the middle of the ring and dropped several legs and elbows, but a top rope splash found nobody home. Hype regained his feet and hit a pumphandle powerbomb, and that was enough to end the match in his favour.
WINNER - The Hype by pinfall
TIME - 5:26

TNT came out and laid an open challenge to any woman in Wellington, and announced that she'd be the guest referee in the next match.

TNT had come to blows with Disturbed at Eruption, so he didn't look happy to have his pro wrestling debut refereed by her. Ram attacked Inferno before the bell, whipping him into a corner and driving shoulders into his midsection. Inferno fought out of the corner, clotheslining Ram before applying an armwringer, then flipping him over with a Japanese armdrag and cinching in a headscissors. Ram came back with an eye gouge and tagged Disturbed in, who hit a spinebuster and dropped an elbow. A one-footed cover allowed Inferno to sweep his leg out, scoop slam him, and hit a Flaming Elbowdrop for two. He then gave the debutante a sidewalk slam, and both men tagged out. Juice attempted several shoulderblocks on the solidly built Ram, but got nowhere, and Ram dropped him with a shoulderblock of his own. Juice came back with an inverted atomic drop and a neckbreaker, then tagged Inferno back in. Ram managed to tag out as well, but Disturbed was manhandled by Inferno, taken to the mat with a drop toehold. A surfboard attempt was broken by Ram, and a rear choke brought Ram in again for another save. Disturbed went up top and dropped a flying headbutt onto Inferno's 'upper thigh', before applying a half crab that was broken when the fiery face made the ropes.

Ram was tagged in, driving Inferno's knee to the mat several times before applying a leg hook / arm bar combo. He drove his knee into Inferno's head before tagging Disturbed in, who choked Inferno with his boot before making a quick tag out again. Inferno rallied with some knee strikes, but when he went up to give the ten punches in the corner Ram cut him off at nine with a low blow. He then trapped Inferno in a tree of woe, kicking him and scraping his boot across his opponent's eyes. The heels then wishboned Inferno in the corner pole. Ram followed this up with a lariat and tagged Disturbed in, who hit a forearm off the top and made another quick tag. Ram whipped Inferno into the corner, then hit his trademark ram, then a Stunner! TNT made a very slow count, giving Juice plenty of time to make the save. Ram tried to introduce knuckle dusters, but TNT stopped him. However, while she was disposing of them Disturbed handed Ram a plank of wood, which was used to knock Juice off the apron and Inferno to the mat. Back in the ring TNT, seeing the wood, gave another slow count, allowing Inferno to kick out and make a desperation tag to Juice. Ram also tagged out.

Juice speared Disturbed down, then hit a scoop slam and a legdrop. Disturbed regained control with an eye gouge, but when he scooped Juice up the babyface slipped out the back and set up for his trademark Simply Squeezed (Roll the Dice), till Disturbed reversed that to hit a reverse DDT. Again, TNT had little interest in counting a pinfall. Disturbed tried to punch Juice out, but Juice blocked them and went up top for a flying lariat. He then hit a Stinger Splash, some chops and a DDT, before tagging out to Inferno who hit the Extinguisher (Lifting Reverse DDT)! He tagged Juice back in and held Ram back from interfering, while Juice dropped an elbow off the top on Disturbed for the win.
WINNER - Juice & Inferno by Juice pinfall on Disturbed
TIME - 14:37

A new character, Mr IBS, came out and delivered an amusing interview, thanking WPW owner Martin Stirling for securing him safe passage in a container from his native Cook Islands to New Zealand. Announcer Blair Rhodes pointed out that he was about to wrestle in the Super Heavyweight tourney against the 180kg Punisher, but IBS failed to comprehend the gravity of the situation... till the monster came out.

MR IBS vs THE PUNISHER (Super Heavyweight Tourney match)
IBS, looking terrified, tried to befriend the veteran monster he was up against, introducing himself as Mr Island Boy Styles. Punisher responded with a double choke, slamming IBS to the mat. He then hit a legdrop and cinched in a neck vice, before pummeling the debutante with chops, kicks and punches. He bodyslammed IBS, then lifted him back to his feet to gouge his eyes and drag them across the top rope. The punishment continued with a double chop to the throat, then a head first throw to a corner post, but an arrogant one-footed cover earned two only. The Punisher then tried a headbutt, but thanks to Islander's thick skull it was he that was staggered, allowing IBS to mount his first piece of offence, punching Punisher to the canvas! IBS performed a pair a judo throws, locking in an arm bar before dropping a leg onto that arm. He whipped the bigger man to the corner, but the ten punch combo was blocked with a low blow and both men went down. Punisher took over with a lariat, then hit the GBH (scoop to throat-first drop on the top rope) and a neckbreaker. He made the cover, but broke the pin voluntarily at two out of a desire to inflict more pain. He hurled IBS to the floor, dropped a double axehandle off the apron and continued to beat on IBS on the floor, till veteran referee Phillip Woodgate signalled for the double countout.
WINNER - No contest due to double countout
TIME - 8:42

The Punisher's assault on Mr IBS was interrupted a new masked cruiserweight, identified only as Mr NOS. The faces briefly turned the tables on the monster, but Punisher ended up beating both up before returning to the back.

IVAN DRAGUNOV vs RUAMOKO (Super Heavyweight Tourney match)
Before the match Dragunov declared that we should all be grateful to Mother Russia, for if it wasn't for her, "you'd all be speaking American right now". Inside the ring the two big men locked up, with Ivan cinching in a waistlock before being pushed off by Ruamoko. Another lockup allowed Ruamoko to hit a waistlock takeover, then apply a side headlock and a front facelock on Dragunov before the Russian reached the ropes. Ruamoko then armdragged Dragunov into an armbar, which Dragunov reversed into a headlock on the mat. Ruamoko rolled the move into a pinning predicament, but Dragunov kicked out. Regaining their feet, both men attempted shoulderblocks and got nowhere. Dragunov was more successful with a series of punches and a knee strike, then treated the crowd to some Cossack dancing before dropping a leg for two. He scraped Ruamoko's eyes with his boot, dropped some elbows and stomps, and trapped the bigger man in a surfboard. A chinlock was then broken with a Ruamoko jawbreaker. The wrestlers traded chops, an exchange which Ruamoko won, opening the "One Man Russian Revolution" up for a dropkick from the 6'6" Ruamoko, earning the pin.
WINNER - Ruamoko by pinfall
TIME - 5:37

After the intermission Martin Stirling invited six veteran wrestlers, some of whom had been active in the New Zealand wrestling scene since the 50s, to the stage. The crowd treated them to warm applause.

Knox came out holding a trophy proclaiming him as the 2004 Wellington Pro Wrestling MVP. I'm not sure who gave that to him, but I can't argue the choice. The match started with Stirling and Knox, with Knox ducking out of several attempts at lockups to land a slap on the kickboxer. Stirling dove at Knox with a knee but hit only ringpost, and Knox tagged SJM in to work on Stirling's knee. SJM used the ropes to stretch Stirling's leg before tagging Knox back in, who took Stirling down to the mat with a back elbow. Stirling rallied with a front kick, sending Knox to the floor, then followed him out to brawl with him. SJM tried to save his Taranaki cohort, but Creed hit on plancha on everybody. Back in the ring Stirling applied an armwringer, laying in kicks and elbow strikes before tagging Creed in. They hit a double armwringer / kick combo, then Creed rained punches into Knox from an MMA-style mount. He whipped The Deal into the corner, hitting a bulldog before performing a spectacular kick springboarding off the middle rope. Knox rallied with some eye-wateringly brutal chops, then hit a powerslam and the SOS (fallaway slam) and tagged SJM in.

Knox gave Creed a fireman's carry slam onto SJM's knee in a neat double team, then SJM took over, blitzing Creed with a knee strike, a leg drop and a knee drop. A side headlock was reversed into a hammerlock rollup by Creed, earning two, but SJM jackknifed over for a two count of his own, before Creed bridged up to give SJM a backslide for another nearfall. SJM was able to tag out, and Knox put Creed back down with a backdrop suplex, then a vertical suplex. He gave the martial artist some kicks to the back before hitting two belly-to-belly release suplexes. Gold added some illegal shots from the outside while Knox tagged out. SJM sent Creed to the ropes for a pair of backdrops, but a third attempt saw Creed flip over in mid air and land on his feet! He kicked SJM, smashed him with an axe kick, then tagged out. Stirling laid clubbing blows into SJM, but the Naki Phulla responded with a eye scrape on the ropes. He tagged out, and Knox chopped Stirling and hit a rolling fireman's carry slam. Stirling came back against his hated enemy with a clothesline, some knees and a suplex. Knox rolled him up for a quick two, then Stirling hit a Rydeen Bomb for a nearfall of his own. Knox escaped with an eye gouge and made the tag. SJM chopped Stirling and applied a sleeper, but Stirling rallied, driving elbows into SJM's ribs and a knee to his face. Both men tagged out, and Creed was on fire, handing lariats out for everyone.

Creed hit three rolling suplexes on SJM, which earned him two. SJM attempted to hit his Screwdriver (Pedigree) out of nowhere, but Creed reversed into his Crucifix (Unprettier), getting two. Knox then gave him his Knox Out (Gutwrench to spinning neckbreaker), then Stirling gave Knox the Dan Driver (F-U), and all four men were down on the mat. A brawl broke out as they regained their feet, with the faces drilling the Phullas with stereo spinning back kicks. Stirling and Knox battled to the floor, while Creed attempted a suplex on SJM, which was reversed into a DDT. SJM choked Creed into a corner, then tagged in Knox. The heels hit a sidewalk slam / legdrop combo, then Knox nailed Creed with a pumphandle suplex. Knox and SJM went up top, but Stirling pulled Creed away and stereo Great Walls (flying legdrops) hit only the mat. The faces hit both heels with seated dropkicks, then Stirling blasted SJM with a lifting DDT. Stirling then dropped Knox with a face-forward powerbomb at the same time as Creed axe kicked him off the top, and Stirling made the pin for the three.
WINNER - Dan "The Man" Stirling & Creed by Stirling pinfall on Knox
TIME - 19:19

LES 'THE SLAMMER' BARRETT vs RUAMOKO (Super Heavyweight Tourney Final)
No brackets were ever announced for the tourney, but apparently this match is for the trophy. The first lockup saw Ruamoko shove Barrett away, but a second one saw Barrett throw the bigger man over. He hit a DDT variation and a rolling neck snap, before holding Ruamoko in a chinlock and a surfboard. Ruamoko powered out of the move, and they traded punches, with Ruamoko dominating the slugfest. He bodyslammed The Slammer, but an elbowdrop missed. Barrett then focused on Ruamoko's leg, hitting two leg snaps. He booted a knee out as Ruamoko tried to regain his feet, but a second attempt saw Ruamoko catch his foot, then hit an atomic drop which sent Barrett flying - directly into the referee. Ruamoko hit his trademark dropkick and covered, but with the ref down there was no one to count. This was the cue for The Punisher and The Saint came out, announcing their intention to come between Ruamoko and the title. When they entered the ring Ruamoko handled them both, slamming them to the mat, till Punisher gouged his eyes and bodyslammed him. Saint came off the middle rope with an elbow, then they shook hands with Barrett, reviving the ref and ordering him to count The Slammer the pin. He counted one, two... and Ruamoko kicked out! He then hit a dropkick out of nowhere, made the cover, and won the match and the title as undisputed New Zealand Super Heavyweight Champion.
WINNER - Ruamoko by pinfall
TIME - 6:12

Dan "The Man" Stirling then came out and announced that he was handing the #1 contendership he won at Eruption off to... D-Hoya.

D-HOYA w/ CHROME vs X-RATED w/ THE RAM (No Disqualification match for the WPW Catchweight Title)
The first lockup saw the champion armdrag D-Hoya across the ring, but the challenger responded with an armdrag of his own moments later. X-Rated applied a hammerlock into a rollup for two, and D-Hoya responded with a La Magistral cradle, but X-Rated made the ropes. X-Rated drove a knee into D-Hoya's midsection, then some chops and a sweet dropkick. D-Hoya rallied with a shoulderblock, a sunset flip for two, and an armdrag into a armbar, which X-Rated went to the eyes to break. X-Rated choked D-Hoya in a corner, but a whip to the opposite corner was reversed, and D-Hoya hit a middle rope wristdrag, and Liquidiser (spinning shin kick) for two. The challenger landed punches on X-Rated before whipping him to the opposite corner and connecting with a diving elbow. A diving knee missed, however, and X-Rated zeroed in on D-Hoya's knee, stomping it and applying a reverse figure four, with The Ram adding leverage. D-Hoya rolled the move over, but X-Rated reached the ropes. X-Rated capitalised on his momentum with a flying headscissors, then tossed D-Hoya to the floor. He introduced the ex-champion to the steel steps before returning him to the ring.

X-Rated continued his dominance with a Rube Goldberg bulldog, then choked D-Hoya with his wrist tape. D-Hoya came back with a somersault lariat, then the match broke down into a slugfest before X-Rated hit an uranage. D-Hoya responded with an AT1 (Franchiser) out of nowhere, and X-Rated tried to roll to the floor - only to have Chrome send him back in. D-Hoya covered for two, but X-Rated got his foot on the ropes. The embattled champion got himself back in the match with a low blow, then hit an XTC (Leapfrog rocker dropper) variation for two. X-Rated scooped D-Hoya up, but D-Hoya slipped out and hit his trademark inverted crucifix powerslam. The crowd clapped along as he landed the Dancing Legdrop, but The Ram made the save, then hit him with a Stunner! X-Rated capitalised with the X-Spot (fireman's carry to Michinoku Driver), but Chrome broke the pin at two! Chrome knocked The Ram down, then hit X-Rated with an F5. The Ram and Chrome brawled to the floor, as D-Hoya crawled over for the pin: one... two... but The Ram rolled back in to save. The heels tried a double suplex on D-Hoya, but in a freakish display of strength D-Hoya suplexed both men over. He then hoisted X-Rated up for the End of Da World (gorilla press to swinging sideslam) and landed it for the one, two, three!
WINNER - D-Hoya by pinfall
TIME - 13:59

Infuriated at losing his title, X-Rated attacked D-Hoya after the bell. The Ram joined in the assault, but Juice and Inferno ran out to save. X-Rated took the Simply Squeezed, and D-Hoya gave The Ram a Liquidiser. The faces then celebrated in the ring as D-Hoya showed off his WPW Catchweight Title.

(Photos: Francesca Espie)

Saturday, April 19
- WWE Raw (10.15am, the BOX)

Sunday, April 20
- WWE Raw (3.45pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (6.15pm, the BOX)

- WWE SmackDown (7.05pm, the BOX)

- WWE Main Event (11.50pm, the BOX)

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