Curt Chaos wins Armageddon Cup

311013_chaosCurt Chaos cut James Shaw’s dreams of a third Armageddon Cup victory short when he defeated Shaw with the help of IPW Champion Vinny Dunn in the final of Saturday’s tournament.

“This is going to be a cakewalk,” Chaos proclaimed on his way to the ring. “The new champ is definitely here.”

Things weren’t as easy as Chaos had expected though, with Shaw homing in on his challenger’s arm and forcing Chaos to bail out of the ring for a breather in the opening moments of the match.

Chaos swung momentum back his way when he delivered a back suplex to Shaw on the apron of the ring, and suplexed Shaw against the ring post.

The action soon spilled into the crowd, where Armageddon attendees held Chaos in position for Shaw to light up the challenger’s chest with a series of chops.

Back in the ring, things continued to go Shaw’s way with the electric chair, cross-body press and legdrop bulldog all connecting. It appeared Shaw might even be able to pin Chaos, but the challenger got his hand on the ropes.

Chaos caught Shaw with the swinging DDT but couldn’t keep him down for a three-count, and retrieved a chair from the ringside area.

Referee Lloyd Morgan wrestled the chair from Chaos as Shaw hoisted his opponent up for a DVD, but Chaos’ foot clipped Morgan and laid out the referee when Shaw connected with his signature move.

IPW Champion and Shaw’s long-time enemy Vinny Dunn hurried to the ring with another chair in hand and slammed it against Shaw’s ankle.

Dunn then applied his ankle lock to further damage Shaw’s leg, before leaving the ring as the referee began to come to.

Chaos again tried to hit his DDT but was blocked by Shaw, who lifted Chaos up for the DVD before his ankle gave out and he crumpled to the mat.

Chaos wasted no time in lifting Shaw back to his one good foot and planting him with the swinging DDT to win the Armageddon Cup for the first time.

Saturday, 11am:

  • Armageddon Cup Quarter Final:
    James Shaw def. Pat Schisk
  • Armageddon Cup Quarter Final:
    Johnny Idol def. Jakob Cross
  • Evie def. Britenay
  • Armageddon Cup Quarter Final:
    Khan def. Joel Clementson
  • Armageddon Cup Quarter Final:
    Curt Chaos def. Travis Banks

Saturday, 1.30pm:

  • Armageddon Cup Semi Final:
    James Shaw def. Khan
  • Armageddon Cup Semi Final:
    Curt Chaos def. Johnny Idol
  • Aaron Henry, Amy St Clere & Jakob Cross def. Evie, Lil T & TK Cooper
  • Kingi def. Hush
  • Travis Banks def. Pat Schisk w/ Vinny Dunn

Saturday, 4pm:

  • Johnny Idol & Mason Daniels def. Khan & Paul Sayers
  • Olivia Shaw def. Amy St Clere
  • Aaron Henry def. Joel Clementson
  • Armageddon Cup:
    Curt Chaos def. James Shaw
  • Kingi & Travis Banks def. Pat Schisk & Vinny Dunn