NZWPW champ Mana wins SCW title at Hughes Academy event

DUAL CHAMP: Ben Mana has become the first man to hold two national singles titles at the same time.

DUAL CHAMP: Ben Mana has become the first man to hold two national singles titles at the same time.

Ben Mana made New Zealand wrestling history last night when he pinned “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn to win the SCW Championship.

Mana, who is also the reigning NZWPW Champion, is now the first man to hold two national singles titles simultaneously.

The Modern Maori Warrior had been scheduled to defend the NZWPW Championship in a triple threat bout at the Hughes Academy’s Live Pro Wrestling event, but Rufguts upped the stakes for the match even further when he elected to put his SCW Championship on the line as well.

With both titles now hanging in the balance, Mana delivered his signature Mana Slam to Chad Howard (the other man in the match) and drove him on top of Rufguts in the process.

With Howard out of the equation, Mana trapped Rufguts in the Mana Lock and cranked up the pressure until Rufguts tapped out, surrendering the SCW Championship to the Modern Maori Warrior.

“To have both major titles at the end of the show is a true honour,” Mana said shortly after his historic title win.

Hughes Academy Live Pro Wrestling Results:

  • No Contest: El Oro Maximo vs. Kartik
    The debuts of two Hughes Academy trainees were spoiled by the debut of one more, when the monstrous Hayden Daniels interrupted El Oro Maximo versus Kartik and attacked both men to bring the match to a premature, indecisive end.
  • Hughes Academy Tournament Quarter Final:
    Charlie Roberts def. Daniel Martins

    Roberts was able to get physical with the man who has officiated many of his matches, KPW referee Daniel Martins, and was surprised by the tenacity with which Martins fought back. As was to be expected though, Roberts walked away with the win after hitting his 24K Golden Destiny.
  • Hughes Academy Tournament Quarter Final:
    Kauri Walker def. Graham Hughes

    SCW’s “Young Lion” Kauri Walker surprised Graham Hughes with an enzuigiri in their quarter-final bout, and pinned Hughes to advance to the next round of the Hughes Academy Tournament.
  • Hughes Academy Tournament Quarter Final:
    Marcus Kool def. Curtis Castlewood

    “MK” Marcus Kool made short work of fellow Brit Curtis Castlewood with his Kool Intentions superkick.
  • Hughes Academy Tournament Quarter Final:
    Jimmy Fox def. Stix

    Jimmy Fox got the better of Stix in a hard-hitting bout, eventually finishing the Reperoa Rocker with a devastating tombstone piledriver.
  • NZWPW and SCW Championship:
    Ben Mana (c) def. Chad Howard and “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn (c)

    Ben Mana gave Chad Howard a Mana Slam on top of the SCW Champion, Rufguts, before locking in his Mana Lock and forcing Rufguts to tap out to retain the NZWPW Championship and win the SCW Championship at the same time.
  • Hughes Academy Tournament Semi-Final:
    Charlie Roberts def. Kauri Walker

    Rodeo Drive’s Roberts drilled Walker with a powerbomb, and placed his feet on the ropes (out of sight of the referee) while pinning Walker to ensure he advanced to the final of the Hughes Academy Tournament.
  • Hughes Academy Tournament Semi-Final:
    Marcus Kool def. Jimmy Fox

    Kool used his Kool Intentions superkick to great effect for the second time in the evening, pinning Fox after blasting him with the knock-out shot.
  • Hughes Academy Tournament Final:
    Marcus Kool def. Charlie Roberts

    After a small break while Shane Sinclair harassed a Hughes Academy trainee, Kool met Roberts in the Hughes Academy Tournament Final. Roberts worked over Kool’s leg, hoping to stop him from hitting the Kool Intentions, but Kool finished Roberts the same way he had his previous two opponents and earned a Hughes Academy Cup match with the Kool Intentions superkick.
  • Krystal Kayne def. Frankie Quinn
    Krystal Kayne was the better woman on Saturday night, pinning long-time rival Frankie Quinn after driving her to the mat with the Tighe-Tanic, a modified brainbuster slam.
  • Hughes Academy Cup:
    Marcus Kool def. “The Shooter” Shane Sinclair (c)

    Sinclair underestimated Kool, who had been through three matches already, and took his time to toy with the challenger for the Hughes Academy Cup. Kool endured Sinclair’s attack on his knee, and ultimately nailed Sinclair with the Kool Intentions superkick when The Shooter came off the top rope, covering Sinclair to win his fourth match in a row and the Hughes Academy Cup.