Twenty fight for title shot in IPW Eliminator

One of IPW’s specialty matches takes centre-stage tomorrow night as 20 men try to throw each other over the top rope and gain a contract for an IPW Championship match.

In addition to The Eliminator, IPW Genesis will play host to several other significant matches.

James Shaw completed an eight-year journey and won the IPW Championship last month, and tomorrow night he takes on the two men he defeated to claim the title: “The Monster” Jakob Cross and the former champion, Fury. Shaw was tasked by Daniel Burnell to find a partner outside of The Origin. His choice: Former IPW Tag Team Champion Aaron Henry. This choice makes an interesting match-up as Henry’s former championship tag team partner is Cross himself, as The Agents of Change.

There will also be a match with implications for The Eliminator, when former IPW Tag Team Champion TK Cooper takes on former IPW Champion Travis Banks. The winner of the match will gain the coveted Number 20 spot in The Eliminator, while the loser gets stuck with Number 1.

Marcus Kool makes his IPW live event debut against one of IPW’s biggest fan favourites, Armageddon Cup Champion Johnny Idol.

After an attack on IPW Women’s Champion Britenay last month, Ligress has found herself in a title vs. mask match. Win, and the Pride’s lone female will become the new IPW Women’s Champion. Lose, and Ligress must remove her mask.

The Pride are laying out an open challenge to any tag team in IPW. With the tag team division heating up in recent months, it will be interesting to see which team answers the IPW Tag Team Champions.

IPW Genesis: The Eliminator takes place tomorrow, May 23, at the Mt Albert War Memorial Hall in Auckland. The card, subject to change, is listed below.

IPW Genesis: The Eliminator Card:

  • 2015 Eliminator:
    Alfred Valentine vs. Brodie Coast vs. Brook Duncan vs. Curt Chaos vs. Dal Knox vs. Dave O’Connor vs. Elias vs. Johnny Idol vs. Lil T vs. Marcus Kool vs. Mason Daniels vs. Mauler Clementson vs. Mr Burns vs. Pat Schisk vs. Taylor Adams vs. TK Cooper vs. Travis Banks vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???
  • Aaron Henry & James Shaw vs. Fury & Jakob Cross
  • IPW Women’s Championship, Mask vs. Title:
    Britenay (c) vs. Ligress
  • IPW Tag Team Championship:
    The Pride vs. ???
  • Johnny Idol vs. Marcus Kool
  • Eliminator Entry Match (Winner Receives Number 20, Loser Receives Number 1):
    TK Cooper vs. Travis Banks