NZPWI Rankings (April 2016)

The following rankings have been compiled by NZPWI taking into account results from APW Southern Stampede, IPW Championship Carnage, PWE Danger Zone, Maniacs United Open Fire, IPW Genesis, and NZWPW Belmont Series Episode 2: Revenge of the Beast.


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Brook Duncan

Brook Duncan tops the NZPWI Rankings for April, beginning the month with an impressive performance against the Young Nats at Championship Carnage. Duncan also eked out a victory over former IPW Champion James Shaw at PWE Danger Zone before picking up the biggest win of his career yet in the 2016 Eliminator at IPW Genesis.



The Friends in Similar Tights (FIST) remained undefeated in April, whether tagging together against Privileged at IPW Championship Carnage or expanding their alliance to include Bull Addams and Stix at PWE Danger Zone. Brodie Coast was also successful in singles action against Curtis Castlewood at IPW Genesis.


James Shaw

James Shaw retained the IPW Championship in a triple threat against Kingi and Vinny Dunn at Championship Carnage before losing the title to Curt Chaos. Shaw was also in action at APW Southern Stampede against Rufguts, and PWE Danger Zone where he took on Brook Duncan in a competitive bout.


Curt Chaos

Ever the opportunist, Curt Chaos cashed-in his 2015 Eliminator Contract to take the IPW Championship from James Shaw at Championship Carnage. Chaos suffered a loss against Reuben de Jong at IPW Genesis, but via count-out to ensure he retained his title.


Curtis Castlewood

One of the busiest competitors in the NZPWI Rankings, Curtis Castlewood was in action all over the country every weekend in April – even though he lost more matches than he won. Castlewood headlined PWE Danger Zone in Morrinsville where he challenged Tank for the Anzac Championship, and was also involved in the multi-man main events of APW Southern Stampede, Maniacs United Open Fire, and IPW Genesis.


Chad Howard

After claiming the NZWPW Championship in March, Chad Howard chalked up his first defence of the title in April with a win over Jade Priest at NZWPW’s latest Belmont Series event. Howard also holds the KPW and NZWPW Tag Team Championships with his Rodeo Drive partner, Bryant.


Reuben de Jong

Reuben de Jong emerged as the number one contender to the IPW Championship in April with two wins over current champ Curt Chaos. De Jong pinned Chaos (before he held the title) at Championship Carnage and scored a count-out victory over Chaos at Genesis.



KPW Women’s Champion JPE defended her title against Maniacs United General Manager Lex Smith at Open Fire. The champ conspired with Cam Corban to retain her title in exchange for earning Corban the status of co-general manager. JPE was also in action at NZWPW Belmont Series Episode 2: Revenge of the Beast where she scored a tag team victory over longtime rival Scarlett.



Britenay defeated Megan-Kate at APW Southern Stampede but had the rest of April marred by her rival. The IPW Women’s Champion fought to a no contest against Frankie Quinn when Megan-Kate interfered in their match at Championship Carnage. Britenay tried to return the favour and attack Megan-Kate at IPW Genesis but accidentally took out Quinn instead.



Hustla scored a big win for APW in the company’s battle against the Southern Wrecking Crew when he pinned Reece Breeg at Southern Stampede. His momentum carried over to IPW Genesis where Hustla picked up the win over Taylor Adams in his IPW debut.